Die Spreeus episode 8: Goodbye, Uncle

31 May 2019

Die Spreeus episode 8: Goodbye, Uncle

Tertius Kapp, the creator and writer of supernatural detective series Die Spreeus (watch the first 8 episodes on Showmax now – new episodes land every Monday), says that episode 8 was actually the first that he wrote when he got the idea for the show.

“It’s a tribute to PG du Plessis (1934-2017), the legendary Afrikaans writer and playwright,” explains Tertius, who attended a lecture by PG while he was studying in Pretoria. The author turned his lecture into a story – Soontjie Pieterse, about a boy who could see the future and predict death – which Tertius combined with 1973 play Siener In Die Suburbs, also by PG.

Episode 8 of Die Spreeus tells the tale of Henry (Adam Nagia), an autistic boy who has visions of the future… and it’s not all good.

The episode starts with Henry seeing his stepdad Terrence (Sherman Pharo) dying. Later in the day, Terrence drops a glass bottle of milk and when he tries to clean it up with a cloth, he also knocks down a bowl of marbles. And when he leans down to pick up the shards of glass, he slips on the marbles, landing on a razor-sharp chunk of glass that slices his throat open.

While Terrence’s family are mourning him, they discover that he wasn’t the upstanding family man he portrayed. He got into bed with the wrong people and they’re banging on the door… like Tommy (Stian Bam), who wants R50 000 from Terrence’s wife Cindy (Kim Cloete). In flashbacks, viewers will see Terrence walking past Henry, who tells him “Goodbye, Uncle” – a warning Terrence pays no attention to before we return to the present, where Henry’s dream has come true.

Spreeus detectives Bas and Beatrice (Chris Vorster and Monique Rockman) are called to investigate when the police get a feeling that all is not as it seems with the death. Initially Cindy is suspected of the murder, but she swears that it was an accident and she played no part.

Cindy’s troubles are just beginning though – Tommy and his henchmen kidnap Henry, having heard of his ability to see the future. Their plan, obviously, is to get the boy to predict the outcome of horse races and “legally” make money with winning bets.

The episode doesn’t just involve Henry and his abilities. Tertius says that it’s going to reveal more about Bas’s life, Beatrice and their Spreeus boss Rosa (Sandi Schultz).

Bas’s protective nature

Beatrice has been dating Joe (Adam Heyns) since episode 6 but the fact that Joe is so secretive is a problem for former police detective Bas.

While Beatrice isn’t saying anything, Bas can spot the tell-tale signs and confronts Joe about his drug use. “Bas has been involved in solving organised crime for many years and can easily identify a junkie,” says Tertius. “Bas cares for Beatrice like a father and their bond is strengthened because they can both see the supernatural world. Bas wants to protect his colleague and that’s why he tells Joe to disappear.”

Beatrice is beyond furious when Joe dumps her and she knows that Bas has something to do with it. While she’s still fuming, deep down she knows that there was a good reason for whatever he did or said to Joe.

Bas and his boy

Episode 8 is also the first time that Bas acknowledges to Beatrice that he’s living with the ghost of his son Dewald (Anderson White). Tertius explains that it’s a turning point for Bas, who has been living with the guilt of his son’s death at the same time as Bas lost his wife.

“Bas believes that Dewald’s death four years earlier could have been prevented if he had shot the gangster who held a knife to Dewald’s throat. Bas’s shot missed the target, wounding the baddie who then killed the boy. As a result, Bas now has a fear of using his firearm because he no longer trusts himself with it.”

That doesn’t explain why Bas isn’t helping Dewald’s spirit find peace in the afterlife, instead choosing to be a father to the ghost. Tertius adds that it’s about more than just a father-son relationship, revealing that “Bas doesn’t want to let go, because when he does, he’s admitting that he is responsible for Dewald’s death”.

Reckless Rosa

While Bas and Beatrice are investigating their new case, there’s drama back at Die Spreeus’ headquarters. Their boss Rosa was diagnosed with a potentially lethal medical condition: she is prone to brain aneurysms and could be fine one minute, then fall down stone dead in an instant.

“Rosa is gambling with her life,” reveals Tertius, “and as a result, she becomes reckless. As an outlet, she begins gambling and tries to use it as a solution to the problems at the back of her mind.”

Rosa’s addiction is going to become far worse in the remaining episodes though, hints the show creator…

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