Drama is served with these new Kenyan shows in April

2 April 2020

Drama is served with these new Kenyan shows in April

There isn’t really much to do now. You stare out the window as the sun changes positions, you practice whistling from your balcony, pick up a few hobbies, maybe finally learn to do a clean cat and cow pose. And if you are unlucky, get tagged in a ridiculous Instagram challenge that you must now reciprocate. You might miss going outside but there’s no reason to miss out on the drama, especially since Showmax has added thrilling new Kenyan TV shows that will definitely keep you entertained and on the edge of your seats. From power struggles in The System to class wars in Kina to the nail-biting intrigues in Selina, here are five must-watch shows in April.


The explosive new drama from Maisha Magic, Kina, follows the wealthy Tandalas and the poor Mwakazis whose very different worlds collide following a tragedy that sets the drama in motion. Sanaipei Tande plays Nana Tandala, a water magnate who owns Kina Waters, and who would do anything to get what she wants, even kill for it. But her perfect world is about to be shaken by the young and fiery Bella Mwakazi who will not rest until she gets the justice her family deserves after her father is found dead by the river. Starts Thursday, 9 April 2020.


From Lulu Hassan and Jiffy Pictures, the production that brought you Maza, Huba and Maria, comes Kovu, a new Swahili telenovela on Maisha Magic Plus that follows the wealthy Haze family whose bonds are threatened by a dark secret after the family relocates from Tanzania to Kenya. Ken Ambani (The System, From a Whisper) plays the Haze family patriarch Jaffar, a man who must deal with his wife’s growing restlessness and hatred towards her firstborn daughter, a reminder of her long-kept secret. Starts Thursday, 9 April 2020.

The System

Corruption, murder, political conspiracies and rivalries are just a few of the themes on The System, the new political drama that follows the lives of the political class in Kenya. With the country at the brink of chaos, and heightened further by the murder of a beloved activist and Nobel laureate, the ailing president seeks to right the wrongs of the government by commissioning a damning report that some people would kill for never to see the light of day. Legendary veteran actor Raymond Ofula (Queen Sono, Monica) plays the incorruptible Teiye, the only politician who would rather risk his promising political career than bribe a tabloid journalist to bury a story about his family. The System also features Elsaphan Njora (Kati Kati), Joseph Omari (Makutano Junction, Supa Modo), Ken Ambani (Kovu, From a Whisper), Maryanne Nungo (Supa Modo), Brian Ogola (18 Hours), Ian Mbugua (Changes, House of Lungula) and Joe Kinyua (Njoro wa Uba). Starts Monday, 6 April 2020.

New episodes of Selina S4

It’s confirmed, the universe (or whatever evil gods that Messina prays to) is working overtime to make sure that Selina’s (Celestine Gachuhi) and Nelson’s (Pascal Tokodi) love is ruined. With the much-awaited wedding finally happening, we thought that these two lovebirds were finally getting the happy ending they deserved but the latest episodes of Selina serve more dramatic plot twists and a few heartbreaks that the fans didn’t see coming. 

More local gems

New episodes of Pete S2

In new episodes of Pete, the war between the two brothers Mbura (Leon Ongaya) and Jasiri (Mutran Tamim) continues as they fight for the throne of Funzi Island. Proclaiming himself the rightful king, Mbura rules Funzi Island with an iron fist and hunts down those who oppose him, forcing his younger brother Jasiri to go into hiding after he condemns him to death.

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