19 September 2019

Early Man (2018)

Every day is delightful and every night is a party for Dug and his tribe of fun-loving cavemen. That’s until their idyllic valley is invaded by more evolved Bronze Age humans. The tribe is driven out into the volcanic badlands while the invaders make themselves at home – and build a soccer stadium.

Seeing his chance, Dug challenges Lord Nooth’s champion team to a high-stakes game of soccer, with the winner taking the right to live in the valley.

The stop-animated movie was produced by Aardman Animation and directed by Nick Park, the same team behind Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. It’s British-made, and features an impressive cast, including Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne as Dug, Tom Hiddleston (Thor) as the baddie Lord Nooth, Timothy Spall (Harry Potter) as the chief, Bobnar, and Maisie Williams as Goona, the football enthusiastic who befriends Dug and tries to help him.

The movie is fun for the whole family and it scored 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, so the critics love it too.

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