Empini episode 11-12 recap: Wedding drama and a deadly turn

By Michelle Randall28 June 2024

Empini episode 11-12 recap: Wedding drama and a deadly turn

Empini ended with a shocking twist last week: Mphilisi’s unexpected death left Ndoni’s investigation at a dead end. The stakes are even higher this week, and emotions run wild as the wedding drama reaches its deadly peak. Here’s the recap.

High tensions before the wedding

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It’s the day before the wedding, and tensions are at an all-time high. Nosi and Uhuru’s relationship is still on rocky ground. Uhuru tries to apologise for his cheating, and Nosi demands that he sign a prenup to protect herself.

Wedding rehearsal drama

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At the wedding rehearsal, Khaya attempts to discuss renewing the MPS contract with Enoch, but Enoch dismisses him, saying, “Not here.” Meanwhile, Ndoni’s mom reminisces about her wedding to Bonga, leaving Ndoni reflecting on how her father would have been on her wedding day.

Mkhonto feels betrayed

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Mkhonto is crushed when he learns that Nosi has asked rapper Kush to perform at her wedding instead of him. When he confronts her, Nosi tells him that if he wants good gigs, he needs to work harder. However, when he plays one of his tracks for her, she shows a moment of pride.

Madlopa’s warning

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Madlopa, working at the wedding venue as a caterer, warns Ndoni against making rash decisions. He advises her to take her time gathering evidence against Khaya instead of acting impulsively and regretting it later.

Ndoni’s deadly plan

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Watching Khaya practice the father-daughter dance with Nosi stirs painful memories for Ndoni. She confides in Madlopa that to get revenge on Khaya, she’ll target what he loves most – Nosi. 

Wedding day hesitations

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As the wedding day arrives, Nosi is hesitant. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but she’s plagued by doubts due to Uhuru’s past cheating. Winnie provides comfort and advice, while General also shares wisdom with his son.

A moment of joy and a twist of fate

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Khaya and Nosi share a touching moment as they walk down the aisle: a beautiful bride and her proud father. At the altar, Uhuru promises Nosi he’ll never hurt her again. As the celebrations begin, everything seems perfect. But as Nosi dances with Khaya, Ndoni has them in her sights through a rifle scope. Torn between revenge and Madlopa’s advice, Ndoni hesitates. Will she shoot Nosi?

Just as she’s about to act, Khaya is shot! Ndoni didn’t pull the trigger, so who did?

Find out in the next episode of Empini, only on Showmax. New episodes land every Thursday!