Empini episodes 3-4 recap: Secrets and simmering tensions

By Michelle Randall31 May 2024

Empini episodes 3-4 recap: Secrets and simmering tensions

After last week’s simmering start, this week continues to boil as tensions build around Ndoni’s quest to clear her father’s name. Here’s what went down in the latest episodes of Empini.

Nosi suspects Uhuru is cheating

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Nosipho’s radar is buzzing with suspicions about her fiancé, Uhuru. Despite his denials, Uhuru’s evasive tactics around wedding prep – like dodging cake tasting – are sparking friction. Winnie, Nosi’s mother, has arranged a photoshoot for One Love magazine, but Uhuru’s enthusiasm kicks in only when he meets the flirtatious stylist. Nosi, noticing the chemistry between them, abruptly cancels the shoot, cranking up the relationship tension.

Ndoni uncovers new clues

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Ndoni’s quest for the truth about her father’s death takes her back to the cemetery, where she finds Madlopa wearing a bracelet identical to her father’s. Madlopa recounts his first meeting with Bonga during a state of emergency and shares a memory of Bonga expressing distrust in their movement’s leaders. This revelation energises Ndoni, but Madlopa cautions her to trust no one and keep this information to herself.

Political tensions start to boil 

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Vice President Enoch Mbhatha is livid after the attempt on his life and threatens to drop Khaya’s security company, MPS. Enoch suspects General Moeti is behind the assassination attempt, believing he’s aiming for his job. Khaya tries to calm Enoch, reminding him that their families will soon be united by Nosi’s marriage to Uhuru, the General’s son.

The General makes a power play

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Khaya breaks the news to the General that the captured assassins from the failed attempt on Enoch’s life died without spilling any secrets, insinuating that the General might know more than he’s letting on. The General later ups the ante when it comes out that he is gunning for the Vice Presidency, confirming Enoch’s suspicions. Political tension is sky-high, even as their families gear up for the big wedding.

The “Red File”

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Ndoni ropes in Jabulani to get hold of her father’s case docket from his SAPS contact. But the plot thickens when Jabulani’s contact tips off Thobani, who redacts parts of the file. Ndoni receives the file but finds it frustratingly incomplete, until she spots a photograph of her father’s journal, offering a potential lead.

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Meanwhile, Thobani torches the redacted pages, erasing any remaining evidence that could prove Bonga wasn’t an apartheid spy. But Ndoni is not out of options yet. Could her father’s journal be the breakthrough she needs that can prove his innocence? We’ll have to wait for next week’s episodes to find out!

Stay tuned as more secrets are uncovered in Empini. New episodes land every Thursday, only on Showmax!

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