ENO episode 10 recap: Junior moves into Abena’s house

19 May 2022

ENO episode 10 recap: Junior moves into Abena’s house

It is not news that Abena is pregnant, but it’s shocking to her daughters. ENO episode 10 opens with Tessa asking questions, but Abena is not saying anything, which is ironic because she’s always in their business. It’s the same way Edward Grant Snr is getting into his son’s business with the arranged marriage. 

After Junior’s declaration that he’s not marrying Mary Louis, his father blocks his account and plans to do more if he doesn’t fall in line. Instead, Junior tells him about Safowaa. Grant Snr’s reply is condescension. How can his son marry “these people” who depend on him to live? This is surprising because Edward Snr has been respectful to Abena and her kids, although we’ve seen signs of his classism. If he genuinely doesn’t respect them, then Kendall is in for a rude shock. 

Even Junior is surprised by his father’s condescending tone but admits to Safowaa that he might not know his father well and vice versa. “I think he has a perception of who I am but doesn’t really know who I am,” he tells her. 

Edward Snr feels the same. “We haven’t really lived together,” he confesses to Kendall. “I think I know him, but I don’t.”

Junior’s solution is moving into Abena’s house without telling his father, probably to show he can survive without the Grants’ wealth. What will this mean for Abena when her boss finds out?

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