ENO episode 7 recap: Tessa weds Chris

10 May 2022

ENO episode 7 recap: Tessa weds Chris

It’s finally happened: another week, another plot twist in the Showmax Ghana Original. In ENO episode 7, Tessa gets married to Chris, a man she met only a few months ago. She’s both happy and conflicted while Safowaa is shocked at how fast things have developed.

“It is not too late, you can change your mind,” she tells her sister, but Tessa is far too gone. This marriage, although hurried, is what she’s settled on after the heartbreak from Jerry and her mother’s constant pushing.

Chris’s associates congratulate him on securing a third wife and remind him what needs to be done, but he’s conflicted. He’s developed a soft spot for Tessa and worries about what he must do. Interestingly, there’s someone who’s been investigating his moves. The man who’s been seeing Tessa at a supermarket is an undercover cop working to expose Chris and the Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, things are getting tense at the Grants. Junior is becoming vocal about his disinterest in the arranged marriage with Dr Mary Louis, but his father isn’t entertaining it. Edward Senior believes the marriage is key to the company’s growth and won’t accept his son not sacrificing for the family. Junior turns to Safowaa for advice. His dad turns to Kendall to soothe his worried heart, but things move too quickly, they kiss … and Abena walks in.

She is livid! But isn’t it ironic? She raised her girls to chase rich and powerful men, and Kendall just bagged the richest of them all. Is Abena realizing she’s created a monster she can’t control, or does she worry because Mr Grant is her boss and benefactor? Time will tell. However, more significant problems await her. Jerry’s lawyer is closing in on her regarding his imprisonment.

ENO has gone from a straightforward drama about love and parenting into something more sinister in true Shirley Frimpong-Manso style.

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