Every Woman Has A Story

9 September 2020

Every Woman Has A Story

Every Woman Has A Story is the directorial debut of Ghanaian actress, author and philanthropist Juliet Ibrahim. It follows several women from different walks of life, as they journey through the challenges of an everyday woman in the city of Accra.

Patricia has it all, the beauty, the charm, the money but lacks the man to love her. Ethel Malm is a young girl who has been living a lie for such a long time she actually believes the lies she tells are the truth. Portia Quaye is a well sought after construction worker. She appears to be happily married on the outside but she finds solace in the arms of her husband’s best friend. Esinam Acolaste has her remarried ex-husband still taking care of her and their son and he wages war against any man who wants to get intimate with her. And due to an ugly experience, Stella Tackie has vowed never to allow any man into her life again. She lives her entire life taking care of her daughter and making her happy.

The show’s cast includes Toosweet Annan, Sonia Ibrahim, Pascaline Edwards, Beverly Afaglo, Fred Amugi, Harold Amenyah, Vincent McCauley and Vanessa Gyan. 

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