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100 Foot Wave is on Showmax

100 Foot Wave S1-2

100 Foot Wave, an insane documentary about a legend chasing a myth. Big-wave pioneer Garrett McNamara’s decade-long odyssey chasing a massive wave in a small fishing village in Portugal.

TikTok Boom on Showmax

TikTok, Boom. (2022)

This documentary on Showmax explores TikTok and its vast cultural and global impact, as told by Gen-Z influencers, journalists and experts.

Multichoice Origins Collection on Showmax

Watch the MultiChoice Origins series on Showmax

The series shines a light on the lives of jazz musician Mandisi Dyantyis, historian Zikhona Valela, artist Tony Gum, artist Manthe Ribane and filmmaker Sanaa Mothabisa.

Mohale On the Record

In Mohale: On the Record, Mohale shares his side of the story

This Mohale: On the Record recap is about Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s relationship. Mohale shares intimate details about their union and what led to the divorce. 

Mohale in Mohale: On the Record

In Mohale: On the Record, Mohale opens up about his marriage with Somizi

In Mohale: On the Record, now streaming on Showmax, Mohale bares it all. Plus, read the detailed biography of the man with many talents.

Vote for Kibera on Showmax

Vote for Kibera (2018)

The people of Africa’s largest slum have decided, despite the harsh conditions, to transform their merciless environment into a better place to live.

Baby God on Showmax

Baby God (2020)

Fertility specialist Dr Quincy Fortier, a man deceived countless women struggling to conceive by using his own sperm — without their knowledge or consent — to impregnate them.

Chozi S1 on Showmax

New docu-drama Chozi comes to Showmax

Executive producer Sammy Dee talks about how the Kenya docu-series is changing lives. Chozi is now streaming on Showmax.

Valentine Njoroge founder Dadasphere on Showmax

Valentine Njoroge on giving African women a safe space to tell their stories with Dadasphere

Founder Valentine Njoroge tells us more about Dadasphere and what it means to give African women a safe space to share their stories.

Chozi S1 on Showmax

Chozi S1

Experience the incredible real-life stories of people who went through the most in this Kenyan doce-series.

It’s big in Japan

It’s big in Japan

Travel writer Erns Grundling travels Japan and discovers top hikes, delicious sushi and their passion for rugby.