Gomora S2: Drama galore at Thati and Phumlani’s wedding

By Xabiso Ngqabe2 March 2022

Gomora S2: Drama galore at Thati and Phumlani’s wedding

An action-packed episode, filled with lots of drama, a shocking reveal, and a jaw-dropping ending that we all didn’t see coming. All eyes were glued to Mzansi Magic’s award-winning telenova Gomora when Thati, played by Katlego Danke, married her late husband’s brother, Phumlani, in episode 221 of Season 2.

For a while, it seemed like a trip down the aisle was never going to happen between the two, particularly because of the forces that were preventing this marriage from happening. From Melusi, who’s struggling to make peace with Thathi’s newfound love, to Phumlani’s parents who were refusing to give him their blessing, but eventually, the parents gave them a go-ahead.


Let’s take a look at what happened in Gomora’s jam-packed episode.

A wedding fit for a queen

Thathi and her mother Mam’Sonto

An all-black-and-white themed wedding was the order of the day. The wedding was one of the most beautiful moments on screen, such that fans literally couldn’t stop tweeting about it. The viewers were also reeling from the fact that weddings always come with drama and they were convinced that something might occur.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter streets.

Not only was it an emotional rollercoaster of an episode full of twists and turns, but everything from make-up and wardrobe to the music was extravagant. The production brought a high-end wedding showstopper that was definitely “Top Billing worthy” for the Gomora fans. 

Phumlani weds Thathi, his late brother’s wife

As the wedding ceremony got underway, the Molefes and Ndabas were excited to join their families together in this fashion and went out of their way to ensure that Thathi and Phumlani had a perfect wedding.

Thathi and Phumlani at their extravagant wedding

“Phumlani Petros Ndaba. When you came into my life, I had given up on love. It took me a long time to open up my heart again. I tried to keep the door shut but you kept pushing ever so gently with your beautiful words, your hugs, and your amazing cooking. I’m even scared to discipline my child these days, the way the two of you always gang up on me. She loved her father but what she has for you doesn’t even make sense. Thank you for choosing me to be your wife,” said Thati

Phumlani’s daughter shows up at the wedding

What’s an Mzansi Magic wedding without drama? Just as the wedding continues and Phumlani is uttering his vows to his soon-to-be-wife, we get a surprise entrance from Gugu, who is said to be Phumlani’s daughter.

Security escorts her out of the venue but Phumlani follows her, and at this point, Thati is fuming and confused. What just happened? Thati also follows through to find answers about this young girl who just hobbled into her dream wedding. Now the soon-to-be-weds talk it through and it turns out that Gugu is Mbongeni’s daughter, who was brought up by his parents.

Thati is disappointed, but she insists that they continue getting married.

Thathi, Phumlani and Gugu

Melusi makes a grand entrance at the wedding

As if things cannot get any worse, while the wedding is happening, Melusi is on his way to the ceremony. Immediately after Thati says, “This ring is an internal symbol of my love and commitment to you”, Melusi walks in, just in time before he loses Thati for good to Phumlani.

He isn’t dressed in a tux, so it’s safe to say he is not here as Phumlani’s best man, who happened to be stuck in traffic, neither is he coming to congratulate them.

See more images from this special wedding.

To find out more on what Melusi has to say, be sure to watch episode 222 of Gomora Season 2 on DStv online and express to Showmax.

Gomora airs on weekdays at 19:30 on Mzansi Magic.

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