Grassroots: Buzwe is losing his grip on reality

By Zibuyile Dladla20 August 2019

Grassroots: Buzwe is losing his grip on reality

It’s the case of the short man syndrome taking full effect as Buzwe throws his toys at the expense of his wife, Epainette.

Buzwe is losing control. His son is still in Johannesburg against his wishes; he’s still sour about what Epainette did, and his money is not working in his favour.

The couple engaged in a war of words that turned into an unexpected physical altercation after Epainette expressed her thoughts about Buzwe’s role as a man.

Epainette did not mince her words, and she went straight for the jugular.

Carl is on a downward spiral

Suspended from school and demoted as the captain of the rugby team, Carl believes that his life is not worth living anymore. However, we soon come to learn that Carl’s problems are deeply rooted in abandonment issues, a pain that is just too much to bear.

Funeka refuses to be bribed by the Debeza family

She’s probably the only person who still has her head screwed on tightly.

Although she is in ailing health, Funeka, Monwabisi’s mother, is determined to find out the real cause behind her husband’s sudden death. Her determination has many people unsettled, especially Buzwe.

In his attempt to discourage Funeka, Buzwe tried to bribe her but no amount of money in the world will convince Funeka not to get to the truth. Her determination is increasingly frustrating Buzwe, and unfortunately, he is directing all his frustrations towards his wife.

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