Have Faith S1-3

By TVPlus11 August 2022

Have Faith S1-3

Have Faith Season 3 is a raw, chaotic, exhausting and sometimes funny look into navigating the world of online fame. Ex-pro twerker and Instagram baddie Faith Nketsi and her gang – including magnificently clawed PA Andzelo Tivani and galpal and fellow influencer Kim Kholiwe – bring us inside their unglamorous daily lives of awkward conversations at restaurants, dress fittings that leave you breathless, uncomfortable parties, and keeping the plates spinning at home and work while trying to keep men, moms and babies happy, too.

This season’s overarching stories include Faith clashing with her friend Kim and cousin Refiloe Nketsi Rapolai, who both have tiny kids. Faith and Andzelo seem shocked at the amount of work needed to care for an infant and how babies’ schedules need to accommodate the moms instead of the other way round.

All Faith and Andzelo see is that once a baddie becomes a mommy, her twerking days are dead and she becomes this whiny stick-in-the-mud who never arrives to things on time and turns down all those lovely last-minute invitations. There are also some eyebrow-raising conversations about new moms’ bodies and weight gain, and a lot of policing of women’s bodies. But we’ll see where that’s going because it’s not just about Kim and Refiloe. In episodes 9 and 10, we’ll see Faith freeze up when she stares down the barrel of a pregnancy test herself.

Season 1 to Season 3 of Have Faith are ready to binge-watch on Showmax.

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