Housekeepers: Linda in danger after her real identity is exposed

By Siya Ben3 September 2020

Housekeepers: Linda in danger after her real identity is exposed

Linda’s days as Florence are over! She may have managed to fool the Ngubane family for the last couple of weeks, but as you know, the truth has a funny way of revealing itself. For a while, she has been able to keep her secret away from the ruthless family, but the truth came out in an unexpected way.

Clive tells Mtho the truth

While visiting Mtho as usual, Clive was shocked to see Linda in the Ndlovu house. Just as Mtho was telling Linda about the man he had met at their mother’s grave, Clive was standing at the door and couldn’t believe his eyes. Linda begged Mtho not to open the door, but he didn’t listen.

Clive assures Mtho he didn't kill his mother

He knew something was wrong when his sister looked scared for her life. So Mtho took a knife, opened the door and threatened Clive. He eventually calmed down and allowed him to come inside the house. A shocked Clive asked why Linda was there and she revealed that she’s June Ndlovu’s daughter.

“I know the truth,” she added.

Clive told the siblings that he’s there to tell Mtho the truth. “My wife killed your mother,” he shared. He then told him that Noli is hunting for him. Clive also dropped another bomb and revealed that Mtho is his son. Once again, Linda’s world fell apart and she found herself being unable to tell the truth from the lies.

Linda’s life is in danger

Clive vowed to protect both Linda and Mtho from his dangerous wife, Noli. “I won’t allow Noli to kill you,” he said. But because Linda is hell-bent on destroying Noli, she figured it would be a great idea to go back to that house and complete her mission. “If I don’t go, they’ll know something is wrong,” Linda concluded.

Meanwhile, Mkhonto, who was released from prison, had a feeling that Linda wasn’t the person she was claiming to be. She got someone to do some digging and discovered that Linda lied about her real identity. While searching for the truth, Mkhonto also learned that the house was bugged. And just as she made this discovery, Linda, AKA Florence, walked in. She’s on Noli’s hit list and it doesn’t look like she’ll make it out of that house alive.

How will Linda get herself out of this one? Watch Housekeepers to follow Linda’s journey. New episodes air every Monday, express to Showmax from Mzansi Magic.  

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