Housekeepers: Linda lies to save Mkhonto

By Siya Ben26 August 2020

Housekeepers: Linda lies to save Mkhonto

Linda has a few tricks up her sleeve. But the question is, will her plans work? Her mission to destroy the Ngubane family has made her do something that has shocked her close ally, Conway. He arrested Mkhonto after allegedly receiving a tip off from a reliable witness who placed her in his house on the day he was killed.

Linda comes to Mkhonto’s defence

After he arrested Mkhonto for detective Miya’s murder, Conway was convinced that she would be locked up for a long time. However, Linda had other plans. She told Sydney that she knew where Mkhonto was on the day Miya was killed. This led to Sydney and Linda going to the police station, where Sydney claimed to be her lawyer.

He walked in right in the middle of an interrogation and told Conway that he was there to represent Mkhonto and revealed that there’s someone who could prove her innocence. Linda came through and told some story about how she was with Mkhonto on the day of the murder. “I was with her. It was my first day at work, I knocked off late. I didn’t make it home that night,” Linda said. She then showed him a message she had sent to her brother informing him that she wouldn’t be home. At this point, Linda was doing everything in her power to show that she’s Mkhonto’s alibi.

Noli’s dilemma

This obviously upsets the detective and he demanded to have a word with Linda on the side. “I lied so I can turn Mkhonto against the Ngubanes,” she told Conway. Linda knows that this won’t be easy, but she’s determined to take a chance and play dirty. Conway gave her 24 hours to get her plan in motion.

While Linda is trying to save Mkhonto’s skin for her own gain, Clive has instructed Noli to ensure that she rots in jail. He told his wife that if she wants their marriage to work, she has no choice but to follow his instructions. Although Noli wants to work on her marriage, she’s worried that Mkhonto might retaliate and reveal all their secrets to the police.

Will Noli follow Clive’s orders, or will she turn against Mkhonto? Watch all the action on Housekeepers. New episodes air every Monday, express to Showmax from Mzansi Magic.  

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