Housekeepers: Linda’s in more danger as the murder weapon is found

5 August 2020

Housekeepers: Linda’s in more danger as the murder weapon is found

Is it just us or does it look like Linda will be fighting for the rest of her life? She hasn’t rested since the beginning of the second season of Housekeepers and now things are going from bad to worse for her. She’s still determined to get to get justice for her mother, but this mission will not come without challenges.

More trouble for Linda

Linda is being investigated for Miya’s death, which is probably the last thing she expected. The police asked her where she was five nights ago, and she told them she was at home. She’s troubled, but she’s been through worse and this won’t break her.

As if that’s not enough trouble for Linda, her younger brother, Mtho, has found the weapon that was used to kill Boniswa and Peter Zwide. While he was cleaning his mother’s grave, Mtho made the shocking discovery which left him with more questions than answers.

A final goodbye

While Linda has a lot of questions to answer, the Ngubanes have their own drama to deal with. Noli and her trusted ally, Mkhonto, are still at each other’s throats. Noli blames Mkhonto for Thuli’s death. She feels that if Mkhonto had been there, Thuli wouldn’t have been killed. “You let my daughter die. I won’t let my husband die as well. Do you hear me?” Noli told Mkhonto.

However, Mkhonto doesn’t see this as her issue and has accused Noli and her husband of not really caring about Thuli. They never took her seriously and always dismissed her whenever she wanted to make a contribution to the family business.

The two exchanged some hurtful words with each other but somehow managed to put their differences aside in order to bury Thuli in a dignified manner. They came together as a family and said their final goodbyes. Everyone was in a sombre mood.

Although her death will hurt her family for the rest of their lives, her father believes that he has dealt with the person who killed his daughter. Did he shoot the right man?

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