Housekeepers S2: Did the Ngubanes have a hand in June’s murder?

30 June 2020

Housekeepers S2: Did the Ngubanes have a hand in June’s murder?

Will Linda ever live her life in peace? We doubt that very much. On the first season of the drama series, we watched as she lived with the pain of losing her mother. We also saw her vowing to make the Zwides pay for what they did to her mother, and she finally managed to kill them. However, her troubles are far from over.

Now Linda has to worry about keeping her name clean. But that is proving to be a problem because she is the number one suspect in the Zwide family murder, which is still under investigation.

Linda is being investigated

Conway, who is a policeman and her friend, warned her to stay away from everyone who can blow her cover, including her housekeeper friends. He instructed Linda to get rid of Maria. In case you’ve forgotten, Maria is the same woman who helped Linda when she killed the Zwide family. Linda shot Boniswa and Maria stabbed Peter. They then cleaned up the blood.

According to Conway, Maria could end up turning against Linda as she’s the only other person who knows everything about what happened. “Deal with her and make it very quick,” he told her.

However, Linda chose not to hurt Maria and instead told her to move to Limpopo until the murder investigation blows over. And by the look of things, the case is not going away any time soon because detective Miya is determined to get Linda behind bars. 

He paid her a visit at home and told her that he found loopholes in her statement.

“You were a victim of the Zwides. You were almost abducted, but you didn’t get into the car. But you did end up at the Zwide house. They tied you up, you managed to escape,” he said, adding that he really wants to help her.

“But if you keep lying to me, you are adding obstruction of justice to your charges,” he warned Linda.

The Ngubane’s are another level of hectic

One thing we’ve learned about Linda is that she’s a fighter and we’re certain that she’ll do whatever it takes to stay out of prison. She’s now employed as a housekeeper for the notorious Ngubane family and they have a lot of skeletons in their closet.

It turns out, Mr and Mrs Ngubane knew the Zwides very well and might have had a hand in Linda’s mother June’s death in prison. Now that’s a plot twist. 

Will working for this family help Linda with her case, or will she end up in more trouble? Housekeepers S2 airs every Monday on Mzansi Magic, coming express to Showmax from Mzansi Magic.

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