Housekeepers: Thuli’s shocking end

23 July 2020

Housekeepers: Thuli’s shocking end

So many unexpected deaths have occurred on Housekeepers S2 but, if we’re being honest, Season 1 set the precedent for all these deaths.

Thuli is now also gone, or so we think. And on the other hand, Linda is out for blood after discovering that the Ngubane family are the ones behind her mother’s death.

Mkhonto finds Miya

It was quite refreshing to see a tough cookie like Mkhonto reveal her vulnerable side when she discovers Detective Miya’s lifeless body laying on the kitchen floor.

For years, the two were involved in a complicated relationship that only allowed them to be with each other behind closed doors.

This week, Mkhonto is agitated at Miya’s sudden disappearance. Like the feisty woman she is, Mkhonto took it upon herself to find out why Miya has ghosted her. Little did she know that Miya was actually dead.

Linda’s plan for vengeance is in full swing

An inconsolable Linda wants to kill every member of the Ngubane family after she finds out that they murdered her mother.

“It’s crazy that I came back to this house. But you can’t fight an enemy from the outside,” says Linda after she plucks up the courage to return as the Ngubanes’ housekeeper.

Although her revenge strategy isn’t clear, Linda starts playing mind games with all the members of this family – starting with Thuli.

“Here’s my promise to you, Ma. They are on their way to hell and I’m going to make sure of it. Their trip to hell begins today,” says Linda.

Daddy’s little girl isn’t impressed

After finding out that her father, Clive, is dying, Thuli becomes even more determined to be the one who will lead the family business into the future.

“I’d like to ask for a chance to take over while Dad focuses on getting better,” says Thuli.

However, her father still believes it’s her brother’s duty to take over the business after him.

“Nokuthula, I want you nowhere near this business. It’s my duty to protect you – you’re my little girl,” says Clive.

This comment has Thuli storming out of the family meeting as she feels the comment is condescending towards her and her abilities as a businesswoman.

Thuli’s smarts get her into trouble

Annoyed by her family’s decision not to let her take over the business, Thuli takes matters into her own hands. A strange phone call from a new client leads Thuli into a trap that she’s unable to untangle herself from.

It turns out that the call was from an old client who is refusing to pay for the family’s services.

Thuli does not tell her family she is going to handle this particular service by herself. Little does she know that she’s walking right into the ambush.

Upon arrival at the client’s place, Thuli realises she’s in trouble and calls for her brother’s help. Unfortunately, it’s too late, and Sydney and Linda find Thuli drowning in her own blood.

“Dad was right,” says Thuli as she takes her last breath.

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