Ifalakhe: Did they really have to kill off Ngcuka so early in his reign?

6 November 2019

Ifalakhe: Did they really have to kill off Ngcuka so early in his reign?

And just like that, Ngcuka’s reign has been cut short in an unexpected turn of events that has left the Okuhle tribe without a king on Ifalakhe.

If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about Ifalakhe, it’s that no character is safe from the writers’ chopping block.

Since the show began, we’ve seen four significant characters die. And Ngcuka is the most recent addition to the list of characters whose demise we’ve witnessed. Although he was physically unappealing, we watched Ngcuka’s performance in awe every time he arrived on screen.

He may have been an evil character despised by all, but he introduced a healthy balance between evil and good.

Viewers are not pleased with Ngcuka’s death

His death sure did come as a surprise, and we’d usually be glad that an evil character had been dealt with, but in this case, it is clear that viewers did not want Ngcuka to die so early in his reign.


Let’s not forget that one of the strongest themes in Ifalakhe is witchcraft and sorcery, so we can’t help but wonder if Ngcuka will be brought back from the dead in upcoming episodes …

If the dead could be brought back to life in the first episode, why can’t they do the same with Ngcuka?

Ifalakhe airs every Sunday on Mzansi Magic at 20:00 and is available to stream on Showmax. Plus, if you’ve missed any episodes, you can binge everything that’s happened so far.

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