Impilo: The Scam
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8 November 2019

Impilo: The Scam

A greedy opportunist manipulates his naive and desperate son into scamming their community through a pyramid scheme called Impilo. After a life of poverty and struggle, raised by his single mother and looking after sick younger brother, the young man, Mnqobi, is shocked to meet the father his mother told him was dead.

When he learns that his father has, in fact, been in prison all these years, he expects that he’ll now start providing for his family and alleviate their financial worries. Unfortunately, what you see is most definitely not what you get when it comes to the wily old man.

He may look like a successful businessman, but in reality, he’s a con artist in debt who’s being hunted by the gangster he betrayed, and he’s not bringing riches to his family – he’s bringing nothing but trouble.

Desmond Dube stars as Khulubuse, the dodgy father, while newcomer Sipho Mdingo plays his son, Mnqobi.

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