Insecure S3 is a fresh start for Issa – and her fans
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By Jennifer Ochieng10 June 2019

Insecure S3 is a fresh start for Issa – and her fans

Issa Rae isn’t afraid to confront real issues in her acclaimed comedy-drama series, Insecure. The HBO series has earned critics’ praise, and Issa Rae herself has earned two Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy nominations for her performance. As the third seasons hits Showmax, we take a look at what’s in store for Issa and Molly.

Issa Dee’s personal life has always a dramatic mess. She’s made terrible choices in the past and karma has had its way with her. But Insecure season 3 gives her a much-needed break as she picks up her life and decides to move on from her past mistakes and baggage. With Lawrence finally out of the picture (good riddance?), the season kicks off with Issa crashing on Daniel’s couch as she tries to save enough money to move into her own place.

Given their history, this living arrangement isn’t the wisest thing. And it leads to some extremely uncomfortable moments and a kind of platonic, kind of romantic “situationship”, but at least it gives Issa some clarity on her feelings for Daniel. It’s the last step to growth before she finally takes her plunge towards independence. The last we see of Daniel is him dropping off Issa’s boxes at her new apartment.

New beginnings and new romances

For the first time since season 1, Issa doesn’t have (or is not trying to have) any man in her life, until she meets Nathan or “Lyft Bae” (played by Kendrick Sampson, How to Get Away with Murder) through her side hustle as a Lyft driver.

Issa and Nathan’s relationship is simple, relaxed and deeper and more intimate in ways we’ve never seen Issa before. It’s a refreshing new start even for us fans who have watched Issa’s love life or any attempt at a relationship crash and burn. She takes even bigger strides by finally quitting her job at the tone-deaf non-profit We Got Y’all.

But Issa isn’t the only one going through a major change in season 3. Fresh from vacation, Issa’s ride-or-die bestie Molly (Yvonne Orji) starts a job at a new law firm where she soon learns that she’s no longer the star. Her professional life aside, Molly, like Issa, carries some of her relationship baggage to season 3 – her married friend-with-benefits Dro whom she drops the moment she realises he’s becoming too comfortable with her.

Rather than linger in the past, Insecure drops its dead weight – read Lawrence, Daniel and Dro – and allows the women a space to grow and thrive on their own. They’re still not perfect at this adulting thing but Insecure has never been about getting it right – rather its creator and producer Issa Rae is more concerned with real portrayal of black female experience.

Watching these women navigate their careers, romantic relationships and female friendships is like looking in the mirror, and seeing yourself in Issa’s insecurities and bad choices, Molly’s unrealistic expectations and constant self-sabotage, Kelli’s uncensored mouth or Tiffany’s pretentiousness.

Female bonds and friendships are tested

Issa and Molly’s relationship is one of the best portrayals of friendship on TV – it is as authentic as any female friendship can get; the way they are unafraid to call each other on their bullshit or do crazy stuff just to support each other like stalking the ex or arguing about nonsensical things like who broke the vase. In season 3, Issa and Molly, alongside their other two friends, Kelli and Tiffany, get some quality fun and bonding at Coachella.

It’s an experience that allows them to tackle the changing dynamics of friendship, as in the case of Tiffany who feels side-lined by the group due to her pregnancy and her now “less fun” life or Kelli who’s feeling like she’s losing her friend to a baby, as she puts it.

Sometimes, life happens and people grow out of friendships. And sometimes, even the strongest friendships can be jeopardized by one mistake – like Molly who sends away Issa’s ghosting boyfriend Nathan when he shows up with flowers on her birthday. She means well, she really does and it’s what any best friend would do but it’s not her place to make decisions for Issa who’s really taken control of her life in this season. We are not sure how this is going to affect their relationship in future but we are crossing our fingers that this friendship is going to survive its biggest challenge yet.

Ultimately, Insecure S3 is all about starting afresh and growing, erasing old mistakes and making new ones – but it’s also about having fun and attempting to solidify female bonds and friendships. All while serving a killer soundtrack that includes Cardi B, J.Cole, H.E.R, Bas, Janelle Monae, Mac Miller and a whole lot of indie artists we might need to Google.

Catch Insecure S1-3 on Showmax.

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