Interview: Chumani’s Lux life on Projek Dina Season 2

By TVPlus14 March 2023

Interview: Chumani’s Lux life on Projek Dina Season 2

Chumani Pan gives us insight into his character Sergeant Lux Dladla in Projek Dina Season 2, with shocking revelations about Dina yet to come. 

Street smart Sergeant Lux Dladla (Chumani Pan) is cool as a cucumber, with a nose for crime like a bloodhound in the crime drama series Projek Dina on Showmax. The second season is in full swing and Lux and his teammates on the Projek Dina Task Force – which investigates missing persons, human trafficking and syndicates – have seen things in their new cases that have made them even more determined to catch the bad guys, and drawn them closer as a unit. 

Throughout Season 2, they’ll continue to hunt for clues to the whereabouts of the unit’s namesake, Dina, the twin sister of Lux’s colleague, Adjutant-Officer Ronel Oosthuizen (Chanelle de Jager). Will she ever be found or is there something more sinister behind her and why she wants to stay missing? 


“I can’t give too much away, but big bombshells are going to erupt by the end of season 2 in regard to Dina and whether she is just a victim, or has evolved into someone who is involved in a human trafficking syndicate,” hints Chumani. “It will also be revealed that Dina has a son which, of course, throws poor Ronel for a loop.” The revelation brings Lux and ex-hacker and now-fellow-teammate Charlie (Kay Smith) even closer when they unearth it in episode 7.  

Lux and love

“Lux’s relationship with Charlie has especially developed into something more, at least from his side. It’s an interesting development,” says Chumani. “At first Lux was just intrigued by Charlie’s feistiness. But he soon realised they are cut from the same cloth, have similar interests and rely heavily on their gut and street smarts. As time went on Lux fell in love with her and that is why he developed a dislike and jealousy of Charlie’s boyfriend Rodriego (Ruben Engel). Lux can’t stand him. He is a rich snob who has gotten everything in his life without any hassle. Lux is the guy next door who knows the struggles of life just like Charlie and that is why he feels she and Rodriego don’t fit together.” But whether Charlie will kick her rich boyfriend to the curb and embrace Lux’s love is yet to be seen. 

Driving Lux

Chumani feels that Lux has grown a lot since Season 1. “He is more mature and a team player. He is not a rebel anymore, or on his own mission. He listens and is interested in his colleagues’ views and instincts on cases, and I think that makes him a better investigator.” 

Chumani laughs when we ask him about the red Ford Granada that Lux drives around – another iconic element to the Lux character. 

Project Dina Season 2 on Showmax

“It’s a classic car, a real beauty and for Lux it’s his pride and joy. But for me and the crew, this red car gave us real headaches while shooting scenes in it. The engine is loud and unnecessary, which made it hard to concentrate on your lines while filming and driving. Sometimes it played ball, and the engine went softer, but not always.” 

Finger guns

Besides the car, Chumani reveals that one of his other favourite props is Lux’s gun. “It is still a prop but has the weight of a real gun,” he says. “I felt cool walking around with it, but the residents of Durbanville, where we shot the series, gave us some side-eye (more the tannies) when I walked around with it in their suburbs. But hey, this is SA! If I were them, I would also have gotten a fright seeing a man walking with a gun.” 

In cop shape

When Chumani is not in front of the cameras, you will find him working out in the gym. “I love fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” says Chumani. “I would like to do some courses and become a personal trainer and help others to become healthy.” 

In his spare time Chumani also likes to give back to his community in the Eastern Cape by offering acting workshops. “I know how hard it is to break into this industry and I feel it’s my duty to help those young aspiring actors who have no money for an education in the arts. With my workshop at least they can learn some skills that will hopefully help them build a future.” And just like his character Lux, Chumani also makes a difference in his community by helping those in need.  

Now all we need from Chumani and Lux is some real answers to the mystery surrounding Dina, and something tells us we should expect the unexpected.  

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