Interview: This Body Works For Me – Wandi

By Kamo Matlala11 January 2023

Interview: This Body Works For Me – Wandi

Wandile Ndlovu (21), famously known as Wandi on This Body Works For Me, is an OnlyFans content creator from the east of Johannesburg, in a town called Katlehong.

Wandi as a sugar baby

Wandi describes herself as a “sugar baby” to married men. During her first year at college, she met her first foreign and much older boyfriend, whom she claims introduced her to this life.

“This man used to buy me lunch and then we would go to his place to have a good time and he’d give me transport money to go back home. Later, when he was done with me, he shared my contacts with his friends and told them to hit me up for a good time.” 

As soon as she realised that she was being used, she decided to return the favour and told them she wanted money for them to have a nice time with her. She then created an OnlyFans page, so that she could get more money from giving people a nice time, which turned to having hook-ups – but she’s not a hook-up girl anymore.

“My biggest regret was having hook-up dates with random men, as some do spiritual things that have caused harm to my well-being,” says Wandi.

To this day, Wandi wishes that she had never met the man that introduced her to this world. She also says that she was never interested in being part of the adult entertainment industry. “All I wanted was to find a man that would love and support me, but now that we are here, why should I stop?”. 

Wandi and OnlyFans

Wandi still continues to create content on social media and on her OnlyFans page. In fact, she believes that any man that comes into her life has to make sure that all her needs and wants are all met. “I want the lavish lifestyle, the soft girl era and I don’t want a man to tell me to wait for month end to get me things I want,” she says.

Her current boyfriend is very much aware of how she makes money and she says he supports her fully: “I told him that this is what I do and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon and he chose to stay with me.” 

Wandi’s sisters are invested in helping her create content for her pages and they help her run her clothing boutique. In the reality show, we witness one of her younger sisters, Ntombifuthi, disclose her pregnancy to the family. “I don’t blame myself for Ntombifuthi’s pregnancy. Her boyfriend is her age and I believe that they knew what they were getting themselves into when they did what they did.”

Wandi just wants to make money and live a good materialistic life; she has no interest in making babies at all. 

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