Is this Lockdown’s most shocking death ever?

By Xabiso Ngqabe7 February 2020

Is this Lockdown’s most shocking death ever?

With one of the most edge-of-our-seat episodes ever, the latest instalment of Lockdown has left us all reeling from shock. Episodes 4 and 5 are now available to stream, and boy, are they packed with action.

From plans going wrong, to a jaw-dropping plot twist, it seems like Showmax and Black Brain Productions are determined to give Lockdown S5 fans uncontrollably high blood pressure.

Here are some highlights from this week – and you’d better believe there are some questions that need answering.

An eye for an eye

Picking up from last week, Slender tried to squeal on newcomer Levis, but her plan backfired. You ever heard the saying “two can play at that game”? This situation proved to be just that.

We thought Slender’s plan to entrap Levis was going well, but instead it backfired spectacularly. Watch closely to the end of episode 5 to see the cliffhanger that unfolds.

Monde and Vicky’s toxic relationship

Monde and Vicky are at it again – and from the looks of things, these two won’t kiss and make up anytime soon.

Since the season began, Monde has continuously tried to get into Vicky’s good books, but that won’t be easy as she’s the cause of Vicky’s physical scars. Monde is always on edge, wondering what revenge Vicky might have up her sleeve. One minute, they’re best buddies, and the next, Vicky is singing a different and vengeful tune.

No more buddy-buddy business between Tyson & MaZet

What seemed to be a grand alliance between Tyson and MaZet goes all sour after the death of Tyson’s confidante, and the tension from the past season among the prison’s rival gangs resumes.

Is it really the end of the road for MaZet?

And the biggest OMG moment of all! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw what happened to MaZet – and neither could viewers on social media. You’ll have to stream Episodes 6 and 7 next week to see what happens next.

All ten episodes of Lockdown S5 are now available to binge. The first episode is also up on YouTube.

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