It’s a woman’s world with the Woke Women Collection on Showmax

9 August 2019

It’s a woman’s world with the Woke Women Collection on Showmax

Update: This Collection is no longer on Showmax. Find your next binge in the full series catalogue here.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for lifestyle shows, comedy, drama series or movies that praise the strength, resilience and power of women throughout August – you’ll find it in the Showmax Woke Women collection here. Some of the shows are fictional, some are biographical and others are a combination. But the point is that women make the world go round – and there’s no discrimination across these productions. Housewives bond with activists, who bond with professionals and young teens who rise against community pressure to become heroes.

Here’s a sample of some of the titles on offer.


Sarafina! (1992)

The year is 1976 and the youth of Soweto rise up against the apartheid government’s oppressive rule. But instead of violence, the youngsters (led by a teenager named Sarafina) use music, song and dance to inspire and declare their defiance. Locally made with international stars like Whoopi Goldberg joining local actors Miriam Makeba and Leleti Khumalo – it’s a story that went around the world and 27 years after it was released in 1992, it’s as powerful as ever.

Precious (2009)

Being illiterate and overweight makes a person an easy target, but it’s worse when you’re a girl because you’re seen as an even softer target. But not Precious, a pregnant 16-year-old who fights for her life in Harlem. Fed up with abuse from her mother Mary (Monique) and being raped by her dad, she tries (and succeeds) with finding a life away from the trouble that threatened her life. Gabourey Sidibe’s breakout role as Precious was also her first and she was among the film’s six Academy Award nominations.

Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life (2003)

Think that being an archaeologist, adventurer and action hero is for boys only? Not a chance – videogame character Lara Croft is brought to life by Angelina Jolie in this 2003 action film that follows the heiress adventurer going to the cradle of life to stop an evil organisation from opening Pandora’s Box and destroying the world. You can also watch the first movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider here.

Don’t like sitting still on weekends? Download the movies to your device, go adventuring and watch it in between your activities!


Being Mary Jane

You can’t hold a good woman down and while Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) doesn’t always get the support she needs, she isn’t going to be held back. But even moving cities for a new job anchoring at a new television channel doesn’t mean that her past will stay buried. The drama is intense as she fights for everything she wants, from relationships and family, to becoming the best in the business – if you want it badly enough, you will get it. Hopefully without the drama that follows MJ…

The Good Wife & The Good Fight

Alicia Florrick is a wife and mother at night and a ruthless lawyer by day. Which is the more difficult job? It’s too difficult to choose, but Alicia does them both with her full heart. That doesn’t mean she’s got an easy ride – each comes with their own troubles in the 7 seasons, whether it’s a cheating husband or lying clients who hide the truth from her while she’s trying to defend them. Plus you can catch the spin-off series The Good Fight S1-2 as Alicia’s ex-boss Diane Lockhart starts her career over.

Gentleman Jack

Nowadays you’re free to be who you want. But in 1832 England, being a lesbian was frowned upon. Unless you’re industrialist Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) – then you don’t really give a hoot what anyone thinks. And you have all the romantic hook-ups you want. There’s no being a prude. There’s no hiding who you love. And there’s no being told what to do by “simple” men. Instead, Anne runs her family business, builds her own career and life, and she goes about it with a smile on her face.

Lifestyle & Biographical

Being Bonang Seasons 1-3

Socialite and media superstar Bonang Matheba doesn’t strut around all day choosing which outfit to wear – she works harder than anyone realises and invites viewers in to have a look at what she does from the time she wakes up, until she turns off her bedside lamp. It’s not easy being famous – and it’s even harder work when you’re a multi-layered, multi-faceted woman like Queen B*.

Mrs Mandela (2010)

Everyone knows the story of former President Nelson Mandela and his fight for equality. But how many people know the story of his wife, the late Winnie Mandela, who was forced to raise a family without the man she loved? How many people know the sacrifices she endured, being vilified and ridiculed on a daily basis, not to mention oppression by the apartheid government worsened because of who she was married to? This 2010 biographical drama tells the story of Winnie Mandela’s life story, from sweet-and-innocent country girl to international activist and mother of the nation.

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