It’s raining Ramsey Nouah on Showmax

13 November 2019

It’s raining Ramsey Nouah on Showmax

Since Ramsey Nouah made his debut in Nollywood over 25 years ago, he’s become a key player in the industry, enjoying longevity his peers can only dream of. The secret: his versatility.

Throughout the 2000s, Nouah was Nollywood’s favourite loverboy thanks to his good looks, charming smile and dramatic presence. In recent years, he has shown there’s more to him, playing the tough guy (Oghenekome), the funny guy (My Wife and I) and a combination of both (The Accidental Spy).

Nouah is also a force behind the camera. His directorial debut, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, is an ambitious sequel to the 1992 hit Living in Bondage. As Breaking Free plays in cinemas nationwide, we present you with six movies and series starring Nouah that you can stream right now.

Crazy People (2018)

After a one-year hiatus, Ramsey Nouah returns only to finds out someone has been impersonating him, getting all his roles and endorsement deals. In this psychological comic thriller, Ramsey Nouah plays Ramsey Nouah in dramatic fashion. Nouah shows his range here as an actor; he is funny, dramatic and intense. Stream it now »

The Accidental Spy (2017)

Nouah is winning hearts here just like he did in the 2000s, but he is also kicking ass! In this hilarious action-comedy, the actor channels his inner Dwanye Johnson, beating bad guys and making us laugh at the same time. Nouah plays an IT specialist who unknowingly – and hilariously – gets entangled in a battle with an infamous Nigerian cartel while playing in a reality TV show. Watch now »

Ohenekome (2017)

Bad boy Ramsey! In his romantic roles, Nouah speaks English so eloquently that you’d never imagine he could flow smoothly in pidgin, but in his return to the small screen, Bros, playing a cultist, was dropping pidgin as if he was born and bred in Warri. The series tells a tale of revenge, pain and sorrow in a journey to becoming king over the oppressed citizens of Egodi Kingdom. Binge-watch the whole of Season 1 »

Entrapped (2017)

Nouah plays an ambitious politician with dark secrets that he tries to hide from the world, but every attempt at secrecy only worsens the situation. Binge-watch the first season »

My Wife and I (2017)

This is Ramsey at his most hilarious. Nouah plays a woman stuck in a man’s body: he catwalks and makes hand gestures like a lady, and it is fun to see. The story follows an unhappy couple on the brink of a divorce. They reluctantly take their parents’ advice to see a pastor and the unexpected happens: they wake up in each other’s bodies. Stream it now.

Lagos Landing (2018)

In this romantic thriller inspired by a real-life story, Nouah plays Bayo, a young lawyer who lives a boring life in Lagos. On a dating site, he meets the luscious Jacqueline, a middle-class French lady in search of always and forever. After a few weeks, she comes to Lagos to see Bayo, but her story takes a twist when she becomes a victim of mistaken identity. Watch it here.

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