Jiji S1
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18 June 2024

Jiji S1

Jiji is a fast-paced youth drama that follows the lives of four young girls in the streets of Jericho, a low-income settlement in Nairobi, who are forced into a life of crime to make ends meet.

Eighteen-year-old Julz will do anything to provide for her family. When her younger brother is accepted into a prestigious international school, she and three friends take another job with Jericho’s kingpin, Makali, leading to tragic consequences that change their lives forever.

Directed by Enos Olik (Famous), Jiji features Fridah Mumbe (Pepeta), Nungari Kiore (Volume), Sybil Collette (Igiza), and Aicy Stevens in the lead roles of Julz, Achie, Vee and Mwende respectively. Also look out for the likes of Keith Chuaga (Igiza), George Mo (Pepeta), Wakio Mzenge (County 49) and Marcus Ochieng (Pepeta).