Joe All Alone S1

16 December 2019

Joe All Alone S1

The BAFTA-winning screenwriter Guy Burt adapted Joanna Nadin’s novel for the screen in this British series, which describes as “the story of thirteen-year-old Joe Holt, left behind when his mum and unsavoury boyfriend take a sudden week-long holiday. With just £10 for the electric meter and a fridge half-full of leftovers, Joe stays up all night (and regrets it), counts off the days… and discovers a bag full of cash hidden in the flat. That’s only the start of Joe’s troubles – particularly when the adults fail to return after the week’s over.”

Recommended for children over the age of 8, this series touches on how family, friendship and poverty affect kids in modern-day Britain and makes for realistic, touching viewing for the whole family.

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