Kompleks S1
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25 September 2020

Kompleks S1

Kompleks is a coming-of-age story about four people that spans two universes.

The one universe is the winter holidays of 2019. Sean and Mika (played by Arthur Falko and Melissa Myburgh) both face a lonely time as all their friends have gone away. They’re alone at home – Sean’s parents (Milan Murray and Stian Bam) live in silence, while Mika’s parents (Therese Ban and Paul du Toit) are on the brink of divorce.

Chance brings the two teenagers together, changing everything. In between long conversations about life, the universe and everything, a relationship begins that will change both their lives forever.

In another universe, similar to this one yet different, it is the beginning of 2019. In this universe Sean and Mika are much older. Sean (Armand Aucamp) is an actuary and his friends think he is lonely. Mika (Roeline Daneel) is a widow, and her daughter thinks she’s lonely. Then Sean meets Belinda (Greta Pietersen) and Mika meets Tristan (Ivan Botha). Both decide to give love another chance, but in the back of their minds is a winter holiday many years ago and the forgotten dream of a friendship.

The two universes are brought together with Koos Kombuis as the narrator of the story. His songs, as well as those of Deon Meiring, are heard throughout the series.

New episodes of Kompleks are available on Showmax on Wednesdays, 24 hours after the kykNET broadcast.

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