Kwa Mam’Khize: Sbahle makes progress after risky operation

13 March 2020

Kwa Mam’Khize: Sbahle makes progress after risky operation

Sbahle Mpisane has every reason to celebrate right now. The social media darling has reached a huge milestone in her recovery and everyone is happy for her. The Durbanite had a horrible car accident in 2018 and ended up in a wheelchair. However, her days of relying on a wheelchair and crutches are almost over. She can now walk, and her mother couldn’t be prouder.

Life hasn’t been easy since her car crash but her determination to get better has made all the difference in the world. On the latest episode of Kwa Mam’Mkhize, Sbahle allowed cameras to film her in hospital. She told viewers about her latest operation, which was a big success.

Sbahle’s risky operation goes well

“My doctor and I did the x-ray and after that we realised that everything is together. My bones are fully attached with no issues. So, I won’t have to do another hectic operation,” she shared on the reality show. Sbahle explained that the operation was not painful at all.

This was the first time her doctors performed this kind of operation. “I was basically a guinea pig for my operation because my car accident was super bad. And, if I can go in detail of how badly I broke my bones then you’ll understand. It [the operation] was a very risky option for me to take and to ask my doctor to do. But I feel like everything will go well because I believe in God.”

After being discharged from the hospital, the Fitness Bunny couldn’t wait to show Shauwn just how much progress she had made. While she was sitting with her mother, she excitedly got out of her wheelchair and started walking without crutches. “It’s not painful, it’s really not painful… This is so nice,” Sbahle told Shauwn, who was beaming with pride.

A proud mother

Shauwn shared how happy she was about the precious moment. “Seeing her walking, I think this is quite an achievement,” she said, adding that that was the best news. 

Sbahle added that it was her way of showing gratitude to her mother for being supportive. “For us to be here today has been my way of thanking Mom for pushing me daily to be as positive as I am today because I kinda gave up at some point in life. And I realised that’s not a way to say, ‘thank you’ to God and to my mom, and to my people.”

Kwa Mam’Mkhize stream airs Thursday night express from Mzansi Magic.

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