For the little ones on Showmax: 5 May

5 May 2017

For the little ones on Showmax: 5 May

Here are the new shows the kids can look forward to on Showmax this weekend.

New kids series: Larva, Season 1

It sounds like a bizarre premise: two larvae, hanging out in a skewer, dealing with the unsavoury characters who appear on their turf and the sometimes-delicious, sometimes-revolting substances that spill down into the sewer through the grate on the street.

But the two-minute episodes of Larva are hysterically funny, and Yellow and Red are fully formed, well-developed characters (Yellow’s the big dumb one, Red’s smaller and smarter). There’s no dialogue and the humour is pure slapstick, so it’s the perfect show for keeping little ones of all ages entertained.

Seasons 2 and 3 will be launching on Showmax soon, when Yellow and Red will leave the sewer and venture out into the big, cruel world.

Perfect for fans of:

Shaun the Sheep

  • Slapstick humour
  • No dialogue
  • Short episodes (around 7 minutes each)

Angry Birds Toons

  • Two-minute-long episodes
  • Ridiculous physical comedy that usually involves a fight and/or injury
  • No dialogue

Plus, new episodes of Hogie the Globehopper

And for something a little more educational and wholesome, we’ve also launched new episodes of Hogie the Globehopper, the travelling frog who teaches young viewers about interesting customs and cultures around the world.

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