Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 10: Siyashadisa futhi?

By TVPlus7 July 2022

Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 10: Siyashadisa futhi?

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 10 gives viewers a glimpse into media personality Somizi Mhlongo’s fabulous and action-packed life for the last time this season. There were plenty of trials and tears streaming, but Somizi emerges victorious.

The finale begins with the choreographer in KwaZulu-Natal, where he concludes his traditional ceremony. Before the celebration, though, he discusses his love life with his loved ones. Somizi seeks their insight after he reveals that he’s back in the dating game.

Although he met the new suitor a day after his divorce, Somizi assures his loved ones that he didn’t move on too quickly. In fact, he’d already checked out of his marriage with Mohale Motaung a year before, he says. “I detached myself emotionally before I left physically,” says the media personality, before adding, “By the time [the marriage] ended, I was not there.”

With that said, Somizi is officially off the market but that’s not the only reason he has pep back in his step, as he’s returning to the new season of reality show Idols SA as a judge after he was suspended following domestic abuse allegations made by Mohale. This season followed Somizi as he tried to clear his name and throughout the ordeal, his friends and family rallied around him. 

Later, Somizi returns to Johannesburg and his first stop is at a magazine photoshoot with his babymama, Palesa Madisakwane, and their daughter, Bahumi. It’s a special occasion for Somizi. “More than anything, as we’re taking pictures, I can’t help but think that Bahumi is going to be grateful for this day in future. I would do anything to have a picture of my parents,” explains Somizi.

Living The Dream With Somizi Ep10 Season 5 Somizi and family

In a full-circle moment, Somizi meets with Kealeboga Pule, who designed his wedding ring. After weeks in talks, Kealeboga has remodelled the ring into a beautiful gold band, which is engraved “New Beginnings”. Somizi jumps for joy when he sees the jewellery as it signifies a new chapter. “After everything that was meant to destroy me, [I rose]. Just take one percent of my positive mindset, it will make a difference in your life,” says Somizi.

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We’ve reached the end of Living With The Dream With Somizi Season 5 and it’s been a rollercoaster ride.

Between facing a public divorce, mourning his mother’s death and overcoming scandals, media extraordinaire Somizi Mhlongo closes the season on a high note.

After the storm comes the calm and Somizi reveals that he is in a better place emotionally. Not only is he returning to talent reality show Idols SA, but he is back on the dating scene. Somizi’s circle of friends breathes a sigh of relief when he tells them that his beau is career-driven, financially stable and he reciprocates his feelings.

Later in the episode, his friends accompany him to his traditional ceremony and soon after, the choreographer poses for a magazine cover with his babymama, Palesa Madisakwane, and their daughter, Bahumi. It’s been emotional journey for Somizi, and he is ready to turn over a new leaf.

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