Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 8: Letting loose and dinner dates

By TVPlus23 June 2022

Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 8: Letting loose and dinner dates

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 8 sees Somizi Mhlongo jetting off to Durban to visit his entrepreneur and TV personality friend Shauwn Mkhize for a mixture of business and pleasure.

When he arrives at Shauwn’s mansion, she whisks him into her bedroom (which is the size of a standard bachelor apartment) and they get ready for their night out on the town.

From the looks of things, the theme for the evening is White Party, and these friends don’t disappoint. They look fabulous in their designer outfits, and Somizi reveals that he can’t wait to let loose. “I’m going to party and drop it like it’s hot,” says the Idols SA judge, before adding, “There’s also a load that’s been lifted off my shoulders because I know that I have a friend to keep me company.”

Before they paint the East Coast white, Shauwn offers Somizi legal assistance with his divorce proceedings and tax return issues. Considering that Shauwn has the best lawyers in the country on speed dial, Somizi trusts her judgement. “We’ll get [the matter] handled fast and furious,” says Shauwn. With the serious talk out of the way, Somizi and Shauwn’s night begins.

Later, Somizi returns to Johannesburg, where he meets his daughter Bahumi for dinner. This season, Bahumi’s biggest conflict is that she wants to change her surname to Mhlongo. However, much to her family’s trepidation, Bahumi refuses to take part in a traditional name-change ceremony because it’s against her religious beliefs.

When Bahumi reveals that she doesn’t want to engage with her ancestors, it leads to a clash with her father. “Then why do you want their surname?” Somizi asks his daughter in a stern voice. “She can’t have her bread buttered both ways,” points out Somizi. The only way in which Bahumi will take on the Mhlongo name is if she undergoes the ritual, and at this point it’s not in the cards. But next week Bahumi and Somizi will continue their conversation and try to resolve their differences.

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There’s never a dull moment in media powerhouse Somizi Mhlongo’s life. From partying in Durban with his TV personality and entrepreneur friend Shauwn Mkhize, to flying to Johannesburg to have dinner with his daughter Bahumi, he always has something to tick off his to-do list.

The most important thing on Somizi’s mind when the new year starts is to sit down with Bahumi to discuss her impending name-changing ceremony after she revealed that she wants to take on her paternal surname. It’s exciting for both father and daughter but it becomes a bone of contention when Bahumi refuses to proceed with the traditional ceremony.

Elsewhere, Bahumi’s mother Palesa Madisakwane chats about a recent relationship in which her ex-fling tried to destroy her reputation and spread rumours about her in the tabloids.

New episodes of Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 land every Wednesday, only on Showmax, until 6 July 2022.

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