Lloyd Radebe is bridging the divide in Ubizo S1

By TV Plus21 August 2020

Lloyd Radebe is bridging the divide in Ubizo S1

Here are five reasons to stream Ubizo Season 1 on Showmax, as local medium Lloyd Radebe delivers messages from the afterlife and helps people to find closure on losing someone important in their lives.

It’s not staged

Like famous US psychic medium John Edward, Lloyd has no contact with his guest prior to meeting them. In fact, when they meet on camera, it’s the first time Lloyd sets eyes on his guest. “My assistant Andile Shezi is actually very strict,” explains Lloyd. “I am not even given a name. We don’t speak to each other, the team is careful to make sure that we don’t even bump into each other backstage. When we get in front of the cameras, that’s our first meeting.”

Lloyd is a normal guy with an abnormal gift

Before receiving the calling, Lloyd was going to be a cameraman for TV shows. “The more I avoided it, the more chaotic my life became. My ancestors knew that I was delaying my calling to be a medium, so something had to give. I was frustrated and miserable. I lost my job. I have always been aware of my psychic abilities, but the signs were enough for me to take the step towards answering,” says Lloyd.

It’s not always good news

Sure, we all want to see people getting happy, good information from their loved ones who’ve passed away. That’s the case on most medium shows, but that’s not how it works on Ubizo, says the host. “It’s challenging sometimes. I am given a message and it’s not a nice one. It can be very difficult to tell someone that their friend or family member is casting spells on their lives. Imagine having to reveal to someone that their biological father is actually their uncle and not the man who raised them alongside their mother!”

There are some funny moments

Having the calling and being able to interact with the spirit world isn’t like a light switch. You don’t just turn it on and off. Lloyd adds that he doesn’t get to decide who messages come through for. “I have stopped strangers in the streets before, to tell them a message from a loved one. And they look at you funny because you’re this man coming to them at the robot and they don’t know you and you tell them things about their dead relatives. Once I went to a brothel to pass on a message to a sex worker. Everyone thought I was there for their business, but I was there for other business,” adds the psychic.

You will “connect”

This isn’t a reality show meant to entertain with OMG moments as naked people run drunk through a house at 3am and set off fireworks inside. This is a deep, emotional journey-type show and you’ll see how moved the guests are as Lloyd talks to them. He is cool, calm and collected while delivering the message. And he is a storyteller. Like in episode 1, when he meets Gugu Mazibuko and her mother Vangile, and he helps Gugu understand her surname and why there have been “issues” around it all her life. “The ancestors are telling me to address this. What I call a foundation, at the altar, the altar is how the elders run the home. Your (Vangile) family have ensured progress.” That’s a lot fancier than “your maiden name is strong”, right?

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