Local musician Nasrene releases new song in tribute to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp

By Sameer Naik26 April 2024

Local musician Nasrene releases new song in tribute to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp

Local musician Nasrene has this week released her new song “Lost in a Moment” which is dedicated to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp.

Just like millions of other Liverpool fans around the globe, 26 January 2024 is a day Nasrene will never forget. The day the heartbreaking news was announced that Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp would be stepping down – the news every Red hoped would never come.

Local musician Nasrene has this week released her new song “Lost in a Moment” which is a song dedicated to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp.
Nasrene in her Liverpool kit

For Gresham Records musician and die-hard Red Nasrene, it proved to be a “very dark” day. “I’m sure we all knew it would happen at some point, but it still wasn’t easy to hear,” Nasrene tells Showmax. “I am sad about it and of course, really nervous about what’s to come. I called my brother immediately after seeing his announcement to discuss what that would mean for the club (as if we had any control or say in the matter). The family WhatsApp group didn’t stop either. It was a big day. He is a human and has a life outside of giving us the best of himself, so of course it’s understandable that he has to move on, but I’m sure there is a fear of the unknown after he leaves for all LFC supporters.”

Weeks went by and the news was still incredibly difficult to digest for Nasrene, and for every other Liverpool fan in the world. The musician, who was born in Johannesburg, but now lives in Edinburgh, in Scotland, decided to channel her sadness into something she truly loves: music. Nasrene spent weeks working on a song that she planned to dedicate to Klopp.

The inspiration

And now with just five games to go until Klopp’s reign is over, her song “Lost in a Moment” is finally ready for release. Gresham Records officially released “Lost in a Moment” today, Friday, 26 April. The artist says she was determined to give back to the manager who “made her dream again”.

“As a Liverpool supporter who watched football before the Jurgen Klopp era, I am grateful and amazed by how much he’s done for the club. Aside from the trophies, he’s honestly awesome to watch, his aura, and his adoration for the club and its supporters shines through with every air fist bump.”

“The song is a feel-good dance-pop song that encourages you to embrace the present and live in the moment. It’s also inspired by my love for watching football, and the intensity of the game; it hypes you up, so you can give a little bit extra. I feel like the song reminds us how precious it is to believe- especially when you (or your favourite team – in my case) are about to take the field.”

The idea for the song was sparked when Nasrene witnessed one of Klopp’s many passionate celebrations on the touchline during a game.

“The song really came to life when I saw Klopp’s celebrations and made a video about it. I decided to finish writing the song a few weeks ago, with Ziggy from David Gresham Records on the production, and release it in time for Klopp’s departure. I am really proud of the song. As a songwriter, all I ever want is for my music to be heard and to mean something to someone, so I am really excited about putting it out into the world.”

She says it would be a dream come true if the German manager could hear her song one day. “That would be beyond a dream. Honestly, it would mean the absolute world if he somehow heard it.”

“People in the UK always get surprised to hear how much South Africans follow the Premier League and their favourite clubs. So letting Klopp know how much South African LFC supporters love him would be incredible. I hope he’d be pleased by the song. I know he’ll be honest, that’s for sure. So, I would really want him to like it.”

Asked about whether she thinks the Reds can give Klopp the perfect send-off by winning the title, Nasrene says: “Of course, it’s a bit more of an uphill battle compared to a few weeks ago, but we knew it was never going to be easy, and to quote someone who commented on one of my LFC videos on TikTok ‘until it’s mathematically impossible, we go again’. I am personally quite proud of the way they’ve played this season. When the season started, nobody thought LFC would be in the title race – all of the focus was on City and Arsenal. We ‘over performed’, and now that we have a chance to win it, it’s pretty difficult not to get excited.”

A lifelong supporter

The musician has supported Liverpool for most of her life, as has her family. “My grandfather was a huge Liverpool fan! My dad, mum and older brother are also Liverpool fans, so of course, I never really stood a chance of choosing a different club. I started really paying attention and loving football in 2005 when Liverpool played AC Milan in the Champions League final. Having watched that as my first Liverpool match is the reason I have so much belief that they’d be able to come back from anything.”

Asked whether she felt like listening to her song would ease the blow of Klopp leaving, Nasrene says: “Honestly, I think it’s made it worse! After writing the song, making videos about him, it feels a little bit more emotional that he’s leaving. But seeing his special moments in a clip to the beat of ‘Lost in a Moment’ does make me smile.”

The musician says she cannot wait for Liverpool fans around the world to hear her new song dedicated to Klopp. “I’m always nervous about whether people would like my music or not. In this instance, I hope this song can appeal to anyone who needs a bit of inspiration, some music for a road trip or even a living room dance session.”

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