3 March 2020

Lockdown S5: Alliances mean nothing in the final episode

The plan to shutdown Thabazimbi is in motion and Israel is determined to put an end to it once and for all. But will he succeed with all the corruption that occurs at the prison? Here’s what you can expect in Lockdown’s S5 finale.

Palesa has her back against the wall

Palesa and Deborah’s plot goes according to plan but Palesa then finds herself bamboozled by Deborah’s evil ways.

After managing to get Israel into hospital after he was struck, Deborah manages to hit not one or two but three birds with one stone. Israel, Palesa and Siya quickly realise that there’s only one queen of Thabazimbi, and it’s Deborah Banda.

After her dizzying fall from grace, Palesa has her back against the wall and it is up to her to form advantageous alliances. Will she succeed in dethroning Deborah? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Monde redeems herself

From the beginning of the season, Monde has continuously tried to show how remorseful she is about all she’s done to Vicky. So much so, that a romantic relationship has blossomed between the two.

In the season finale, Monde goes the extra mile to fully win Vicky’s trust. What she does next is an unimaginable yet dangerous act of kindness that leaves Vicky forever indebted to her.

Slenda pulls a fast one on MaZet and Tyson

Their dream to finally leave the confines of prison are shattered and it’s all thanks to Slenda. While Tyson crafted a perfect plan for her and MaZet to escape in the hopes that MaZet would have the opportunity to save her daughter, Slenda rats them out in fear of being left alone in prison. The feeling of betrayal is insurmountable for MaZet.

While MaZet remains in prison, her daughter, Nkuli, finds herself in a very dangerous and sticky situation. Will she be able to get herself out of trouble this time around? And does this mean Slenda and MaZet are now officially sworn enemies?

The full boxset of Lockdown, from Season 1 all the way to the end of Season 5, is available to stream exclusively on Showmax.

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