Lockdown S5: Women on the warpath

21 February 2020

Lockdown S5: Women on the warpath

There was plenty of drama on-screen this week on Lockdown S5, but some great news off-screen. Lockdown S4 scored an incredible 11 SAFTA nominations, showing once again that the cast and crew continue to give viewers award-worthy performances every season.

Back to the action! After last week’s fallout at Kgotsong Asylum which left us with heart palpitations, Israel has everyone on the chopping block and has decided to shut down the asylum. People are unemployed and the drama has bubbled over to Thabazimbi.

While we’re still recovering from last week’s commotion, let’s dive into this week’s most exciting moments.

An unexpected alliance could bring Siya down

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – except for two women who feel similarly betrayed. Deborah and Palesa have teamed up to ensure that Siya is taken down once and for all, and this new alliance is the content we signed up for. They’re finally fed up with his toxic and entitled behaviour, and their plan for revenge is outrageous – this alliance is a declaration of war.

Israel shuts down the asylum

Siya is blaming everyone for his failed mission to kill Israel, the commissioner. The chaos that erupted at the asylum has led to Israel’s escape and now he is certain that the plot to kill him was cooked up all the way back at Thabazimbi. Using his power and authority, Israel shuts down the asylum and his rage leads him back to the prison.

Deborah’s wrath spills over to Monde and Maki

Maki doesn’t escape Governor Deborah’s wrath after what she did to her last week. Maki held Deborah hostage as revenge for all the torture she endured at her hands in the previous season. But the tables are turned again, as Deborah once again gains the upper hand. When will this vicious cycle end? Not any time soon!

On the other hand, Monde has yet to experience Deborah’s evil side. Monde thanks the governor for giving her the chance to see her sister at the asylum, and for some reason also felt the need to tell her a dark secret that could put her life in danger. Deborah is concerned that Monde knows too much, and orders the guards to punish her.

Slenda is an unimpressed friend

You’ve got to love this toxic relationship between Tyson and MaZet. One minute they’re arch-rivals, and the next they’re forming an alliance. Last week the two enemies wanted to kill each other, after Tyson’s failed attempt to murder MaZet, but this week it seems like the two have called a truce after a bit of a misunderstanding.

MaZet manages to convince Tyson that she is not the one who killed Levi and that it’s all Slenda’s doing. The pair shake hands and promise each other they will always stick together. Confusing, right? On the other hand, Slenda is not happy with this new “friendship”.

All we know is that this new alliance between the two brings forth a new enemy. 

All ten episodes of Lockdown S5, plus all previous seasons, are now available to binge on Showmax.

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