Madam honours her parents on their 63rd anniversary

28 May 2020

Madam honours her parents on their 63rd anniversary

Madam has the perfect example of what real love looks like. Her parents have been married for 63 years and have showed her that it’s possible to have a happy and healthy marriage.

On the latest episode of her show, the reality TV star and her siblings decided to put together something special to celebrate their parents’ anniversary.

A Sophiatown-themed celebration

“It’s so important in life to honour your parents and I don’t want to honour them when they have passed on,” Madam shared. She wanted the event to be extra special, so she even got a chair and cushion that belonged to her grandmother. “It’s a surprise for mama. She doesn’t know that she’s going to be sitting on this chair… My mother will heal. I know what my mother likes.”

Madam’s parents’ Sophiatown-themed party was attended by their close friends and family members. There were cars from the 50s and guests stuck to the theme. Award-winning South African singer Berita showed up to entertain the crowd and performed some of her hit songs. 

Madam got very emotional as she spoke about the love she has for her parents and the important lessons they’ve shared with her and her siblings. “You taught us so much. You taught us respect and even today I’ve never raised my voice at you.”

Unconditional love

She also mentioned the fact that her parents even have the same friends they had when she was still a child. “When I looked at them it touched me dearly,” she added. Her father, Rueben couldn’t help but show gratitude to her children. “I am proud of them. I wish they get all their hearts desires.”

Her mother was impressed by the whole set up. “It was beautiful,” she said, adding that she was very surprised when she walked in. “It felt like I was dreaming.” While speaking to Mercy before the anniversary celebration, her grandparents shared why their marriage has been successful. Rueben first mentioned that he’s always done things his own way. “Even the lobola negotiations were done differently.” He revealed that he paid three or four hundred pounds for lobola.

One thing he is very sure about is that the love he and his wife have for each other will never change. Mercy got a bit of advice from her grandmother as well.

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