Madam shares her struggles with conceiving

20 April 2020

Madam shares her struggles with conceiving

Episode 2 of Madam and Mercy left some viewers triggered and emotional. The show, which premiered about a week ago, resonated with a lot of people.

Madam, who’s mostly known for her taste for the finer things in life and famous one-liners, has revealed a very different side to her fans.

A miracle baby

During an intimate gathering with some of her closest and dearest friends, Madam opened up about her infertility journey. She spoke about her struggles to conceive her “miracle” baby girl, Princess.  “Maybe other people don’t understand, why do you decide to have a baby at a late stage. They don’t know the dimension; they don’t know things that happened,” she shared.

She said she went through an emotional roller-coaster with fibroids and cysts. “It took me ten to fifteen years to plan a baby.” Her eldest daughter, Mercy, added that she’s seen her mother’s struggles from injections to miscarriages. “Princess is a miracle child.”

Madam also spoke about how people always think you’re happy because you have money. “They see you as Madam and they think you are happy, you don’t have problems, you never experience one, two, three. You haven’t experienced pain and you are just stress free.”

Unsuccessful IVFs

The businesswoman is not the only person in her circle with infertility issues. Her good friend Jacqui Mote – the first person to ever call her Madam – also shared her sad experience. 

“I can relate to what Madam is saying, I’ve been with Thabo for almost 15 years and we have no children.” She explained that she’s been on this journey with Madam and has held her hand.

“It’s a bit emotional for me because sometimes people think, they look at you, they look at the outside, they think, or they feel you’re successful. But people also say, ‘but where’s the child?’ as if I can miraculously make the child.” Jacqui also shared that she’s tried artificial insemination and IVF but has been unsuccessful.

She does still hope to one day conceive. “I would do anything to have a child. I still feel I need to carry my own baby in my own tummy… My husband was for surrogacy, but I wasn’t because I haven’t been pregnant before,” she said. 

Madam, who’s been in Jacqui’s shoes, added that she’s living proof that it is possible. “If it can work for me, it can work for Jacqui.”

It looks like Madam will be opening up a lot more on the reality show. Be sure to catch all the latest episodes of Madam and Mercy every Wednesday express to Showmax from Mzansi Magic.

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