Man City, Arsenal or Liverpool: Who do fans want to win the title?

By Sameer Naik28 March 2024

Man City, Arsenal or Liverpool: Who do fans want to win the title?

The Premier League’s top three are separated by a single point with 10 games remaining as a thrilling battle between Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City looks set to go to the wire.

The Gunners are the most in-form of the three contenders with a run of eight consecutive league wins in 2024, including a crucial 3-1 victory over Liverpool in January. Mikel Arteta’s men have smashed in 33 goals in those eight games to also open up a healthy goal difference advantage over their rivals, which could prove decisive. However, Arsenal’s run in seems to be the toughest on paper with trips to Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Man United still on the horizon.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have the kindest run in, but Jürgen Klopp knows that a single slip-up could very well mean an end to their title aspirations.

Manchester City are aiming to become the first side to ever win four consecutive English top-flight titles and have know-how on their side of getting over the line. Pep Guardiola admitted his side had survived a Liverpool “tsunami” to escape Anfield with a point that leaves them still well in the hunt. The defending champions are midway through a defining month with fourth-placed Villa to visit the Etihad three days after Arsenal.

But which club would Premier League fans want to see lift the trophy this season?

Showmax caught up with a handful of fans to chat about who they would like to see winning the title this season.

Rushil Naran: Arsenal

“I don’t want Manchester City taking four titles in a row. Hopefully FFP gives us a decision soon and they nullify all their trophies. I also don’t want Liverpool to win the title, as their fans are the worst and I have plenty of friends who support Liverpool who will make my life a nightmare. It comes down to me knowing much fewer Arsenal fans than Liverpool fans!”

Naushadh Baboothilall: Arsenal

“Anyone besides Liverpool. Jokes aside. It will be awesome to see Arsenal win it. It is always great to see a different team win, especially with all the work they have put in over the last few years. On the other hand, these are Klopp’s last few months with Liverpool and it would be wonderful if they could grab it in his honour.”

Thamsanqa Kubeka: Arsenal

“Arsenal is taking this for the simple fact that we play the best style of football, we have the best attack, and the best defence in the league.”

Janardan Padalkar: Manchester City

“All three teams have outstanding squads and play as a team and as units so it’s difficult to separate the three. They have outstanding managers, outstanding players, great youth and great experience. However, it seems like City has that magical connection between the players that the other teams don’t quite have. They also have such impressive depth that their second string squad could probably challenge for the league too. Their young players are also so mature and I feel they can handle an intense title race such as this, so Man City would be my choice.”

Nasrene Khan: Liverpool

“As a Liverpool supporter, of course I am going to believe with my full heart and soul that Liverpool are winning the league this season. I mean, what an epic moment it would be to see Jürgen Klopp on his grand finale lifting that trophy and getting to celebrate with the fans and with no covid restrictions this time.”

Rabbie Serumula: Manchester City

“Without a doubt it has to be Manchester City. We are in the mix, toe to toe with both Arsenal and Liverpool, but what sets us apart is our tactical effectiveness and consistency, which speaks volumes. Our defensive stability combined with our attacking flair makes us a formidable opponent, so when it comes to the title race, my allegiance is clear: it’s Manchester City all the way.”

Phillip du Plessis: Liverpool

“Due to Paris St Germain’s history with Liverpool dating back as far as 1997, I will have to go with Liverpool to win the league. I think myself and many other PSG want Liverpool and Klopp to win it.”

Sasha van Wyk: Arsenal

“Of course being an Arsenal fan,  I really hope Arsenal win the Premier League. However, I feel from a neutral perspective it will also be nice to see someone different aside from Man City and Liverpool winning a trophy this season. I think Arsenal is a young team that plays some good football with a young manager and I think it will truly be a fairytale story for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal to win the Premier League this season. Come on, you Gunners!”

Leesharn Rose: Manchester City

“Anyone but Arsenal. It’s just not for those serious bottlers. It’s just not for them. I’m going for Manchester City or Liverpool, but if it had to come down to either one, it will have to be Manchester City. The ribbons have got to be blue, cannot be red, at any point, unacceptable.”

Priyalin Naidoo: Liverpool

“I would like Liverpool to win the title. I feel like we deserve it the most and it will be a swan song send off for Jürgen Klopp. To the end of the season, all the way Liverpool!”

Elli Lechtman: Liverpool

“As a Liverpool fan, winning the league would be fantastic. Bob Paisley once described it as being our bread and butter and everything being secondary. So winning the league is high priority and obviously sending Klopp off with the league will be a fantastic achievement, especially given where we were last season, and given the fact that we’ve had so many injuries this year. It would be fantastic to bring number 20 home and to ensure that Klopp and the rest of his backroom staff are given a fantastic send off.”

Farah Fortune: Liverpool

“Liverpool should win the title because they’ve got Klopp’s tactical experience behind them and they have sheer dominance on the field. Arsenal doesn’t have that consistency. They fell of massively last season and I kind of expect them to do the same this season, so sorry Gunners I don’t think this one is for you.

Fatima Hayat: Liverpool

“My reason for backing Liverpool is not just because I am a Liverpool fan. Our season has been plagued with injuries, and so it has given us an opportunity to use youth players, identified by Klopp himself to fill those gaps.  And their performance has been exceptional. Connor Bradley and Jayden Danns have been outstanding, and the way Klopp has utilised his squad this season is just exceptional. He is a mastermind tactician and is brilliant in allowing his team to flourish. The support he has from players and fans is extraordinary. We have also haven’t spent so much in the transfer window, we have spent well buying good solid quality players. It will be the perfect send-off for the perfect manager.”

Raiesa Bhorat: Liverpool

“With 10 games to go and the position Liverpool are in, I strongly believe Klopp’s team can go all the way and win the title. We have got a few tough fixtures, but so do City and Arsenal. The players we have , have the grit, determination, and mindset to go all the way. Also, the players will want to give Klopp the best going-away present and so they will do everything in their power to win the title. It will be the perfect send-off for a manager who has made dreams a reality for us Liverpool fans.”

Veena Katha: Liverpool

“My passion for Liverpool goes beyond the game. It’s wrapped up in the spirt and unity You’ll Never Walk Alone brings to life. Every match is a heartbeat, every victory is a shared smile and dreaming of Liverpool clinching the league title is like wishing on a star. Not just for the win but for the joy and connection it represents among fans all over the world. It’s about that Liverpool charm, showing the world that with a bit of grit and loads of determination we can make dreams a reality.”

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