12 September 2019

Marry Me Now

Forget about men proposing on South African reality show Marry Me Now – it’s the brides who’re popping the question and speeding their significant others to the altar. And they’re getting help from host Talitha Ndima to put it all together in just three days.

You can expect a show that puts a mirror up to the different dynamics of our family structures in South Africa,” says Talitha. “It’s still great fun watching the ladies trying to catch the bouquets but it’s really sweet when the grooms say their vows and start crying.”

Planning, setting up and filming a wedding in half a week isn’t easy, adds the host. “I’m looking forward to the reactions of the viewers when things don’t work out as planned. Those were the most difficult episodes to shoot, but I really believe will be the most entertaining.”

In Marry Me Now, the bride waits for her boo at the altar and he’s brought in suited-and-booted. Does he have a ring in his pocket? Possibly. Will he propose? More than likely. But are there one or two who flee in fear? You betcha!

There are a number of reasons people join the show, from not having enough funds for their dream wedding or the boyfriend taking his sweet time. The first two days are all about getting the family onboard, explains Talitha. “Usually the bride’s family are surprised and some can’t wrap their heads around her decision. But she’s adamant: I’m getting married and I’m getting married now!”

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