Meet the cast of Famous

By Jennifer Ochieng17 December 2021

Meet the cast of Famous

Created and directed by renowned music video director and filmmaker Enos Olik, the 10-part music drama Famous follows three young artists – Nyota, Magic and Nikita – as they navigate the complicated music industry in Kenya.

Michelle Tiren as Nikita

Michelle Tiren is Nikita Famous Showmax

Singer and actress Michelle Tiren is one of the newest faces in the mainstream film and TV industry in Kenya and had only appeared in a few short films like the MultiChoice Talent Factory production Ensulo before Famous.

In Famous she plays Nikita, Magic Inc’s star singer whose career is threatened by new scandals and a desire for even bigger things. Nikita struggles to remain relevant in an industry that is too eager to move on to the next best thing and to remind her that she wouldn’t be as successful without Magic (Khula Budi), her famous rapper-producer boyfriend.

Khula Budi as Magic

Khula Budi is Magic on Famous Showmax

Khula Budi is an actor, rapper, model and Mr World Kenya 2018. Although he’s been modelling since 2010, Khula landed his first acting job in 2020 when he appeared in Lulu Hassan’s Swahili telenovela Maria.

In Famous Khula plays Magic, a renowned rapper and producer who has gained notoriety for his fast life and wealth and who is now looking to take his empire to the top with his number one artist, Nikita, while grappling with his own demons.

Khula revealed in a recent interview that he was a rapper in his younger days and that Magic is actually a representation of his younger self.

Bryanna Wanjiku as Nyota

Brianna Wanjiku is Nyota Famous Showmax

Singer and actress Bryanna Wanjiku is a newcomer who’s only just been introduced to the Kenyan audience with her major first role as Nyota in Famous.

Nyota is an aspiring and talented musician who struggles to rise to stardom as she battles to overcome her sordid past.

Bryanna revealed in a recent interview that she has so much in common with her character Nyota. Other than the fact that they’re both newcomers – Bryanna with acting, and Nyota with singing, Bryanna, like Nyota, is also an upcoming singer who’s trying to dip her toes in the music industry.

Keith Chuaga as Calvin

Keith Chuaga in Famous on Showmax

Having always been cast as the “bad guy” in almost all his roles, Keith Chuaga turns a new leaf in Famous as Calvin, Magic’s business partner, manager and best friend. Calvin has a soft spot for Nikita and tries to protect her even after her fallout with Magic.

Chuaga has also appeared in Tosh Gitonga’s Disconnect, This Is Life, Ma-Empress, Pieces of Us, Midlife Crisis and more.

Sarah Hassan as Dr Talash

Sarah Hassan in Famous on Showmax

Award-winning actress and filmmaker Sarah Hassan is one of the most respected names in the industry in Kenya. In Famous, Hassan plays Dr Talash, a therapist who’s involved in an affair with Magic when he becomes one of her patients.

The New York Film Academy alumna has also played other notable roles that include Detective Makena in Crime and Justice, Kenya’s first Showmax Original, Tanya in Citizen TV’s long-running high school drama Tahidi High, the titular Zora in Citizen TV’s telenovela Zora and many more.

As a filmmaker, Hassan has produced the romantic comedy Plan B that won Best Movie East Africa at the AMVCA 2020, 40 Sticks, the Kenyan thriller that scooped nine awards at the Kalasha Awards 2020 and the comedy-drama Just in Time – her second collaboration with Nigerian filmmaker Lowladee (Plan B, This Is It).

Morris Mwangi as DJ Xavier

Morris Mwangi in Famous on Showmax

Morris Mwangi (You Again) plays Dj Xavier, a caring DJ who falls in love with Nyota when he first lays eyes on her and tries to save her from herself even as she repeats her past mistakes.

Away from Famous, Mwangi also plays a young radio presenter who struggles to balance his public image and ambition when he becomes the unlikely father to twins in Baba Twins, the upcoming Showmax Original movie

Manasseh Nyagah as Bob

Manasseh Nyagah in Famous on Showmax

Known for his impeccable fashion sense, actor and TV presenter Manasseh Nyagah (Uradi) plays Bob, a photographer in the music scene who might have ulterior motives when it comes to his close friendship with Nikita.

Brahim Ouma as DJ Xxtra

One of the newest faces on mainstream TV and film in Kenya, Brahim Ouma has mostly appeared in smaller projects such as short films and web series.

In Famous, he plays DJ Xxtra, a predatory DJ who is known for luring young women in exchange for promoting their music.

Sandra Wambui as Zuwena

Another newcomer, Sandra Wambui plays Zuwena, Nyota’s carefree best friend who’s always there for her to offer her a shoulder to cry on and to support her music career.

Maureen Njau as Olivia

Singer-actress Maureen Njau plays Olivia, a popular TV host who’s set on ruining Nikita’s career because of her romantic involvement with Magic.

Ciku Shire as Tayana

Ciku Shire in Famous on Showmax

Tayana is the new musician on the scene gunning for Nikita’s spot. Even though she has a more flamboyant and in your face attitude than Nikita, she’s not as talented as her.

Ciku Shire who’s also a TV host has previously appeared in The Wives, the Kalasha-nominated drama series from Benjamin Onyango (Tears of the Sun, God’s Not Dead).

Binge-watch the whole of Famous on Showmax.

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