Meet the cast of Find Me in Paris S2

25 July 2019

Meet the cast of Find Me in Paris S2

Gorgeous costumes, amazing dancing and all set against the backdrop of the City of Lights – Find Me in Paris is the romantic ballet show we’ve all come to love. Now in its second season, the stakes have been raised once again. Lena, who you’ll remember is stuck in 2018 after being transported from 1905 by a magical necklace, is still in the future, but now her boyfriend, Henry, is trapped there too.

He’s really having trouble adjusting – and he’s not too happy with how close Lena is with Max. To make things even more complicated, Lena’s number one enemy, Thea, has been sent back to 1905. How is this tangled web going to get sorted out?!

One of the best things about Find Me in Paris is the insanely talented cast – they can dance! They can act! We’re sure they’re all destined for mega-stardom. Meet the awesome young actors behind the ballet shoes in these great videos on Showmax’s YouTube channel.

Fancy dance moves

The cast of Find Me in Paris share their favourite dance moves. Who better to help you look cool (or super dorky!) at your next big party?!

Get behind the scenes

Find Me in Paris shows us what it really takes to be an aspiring professional dancer, and it’s a lot! See what it takes to make the show in this cool behind the scenes video, hosted by the awesomely named Castle Rock, who plays goofy Jeff in the series.

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