16 November 2023

Meet the cast of Trompoppie

Stomp your boots and get those knees up! In the new Homebrew (Stiekyt) and Showmax Original murder-mystery series Trompoppie, the rich Patterson family take shy, ambitious young Luna under their wing believing that she has the star quality to boost their daughter Zanne’s trompoppie (cheerleading) squad to the next level at exclusive Deacon College. 

But when Zanne goes missing during Luna’s top secret initiation ceremony, everyone’s perfectly manicured fingers point at the new girl. 

The Trompoppie squad includes Ouboet himself, Frank Opperman, as Detective Harry Herselman, Recipes for Love and Murder star Daneel van der Walt as PI Madelyn van Staden, Dinge van ‘n Kind star Melissa Myburgh as Luna, Suidooster’s Marion Holm as Jill Peterson, Alles Malan’s Albert Maritz as Fred Peterson, and Troukoors star Armand Aucamp as trompoppie coach Mr Hurley. And look out for Spinners’ stars Cantona James as the most popular guy in school, and Braeden Buys as officer Danie.

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Get to know some of the main cast of Showmax Original Trompoppie, the brand new 10-episode thriller series from Showmax and Homebrew Films. Trompoppie is directed by Etienne Fourie, the SAFTA-winning director of Tydelik Terminaal and writer-director of the SAFTA-nominated Stiekyt

Daneel van der Walt as Madelyn van Staden

Daneel van der Walt as Madelyn in Trompoppie

Eccentric police detective-turned-PI Madelyn has gone from strength to strength since leaving SAPS. Not only is she a renowned private investigator, she’s also a successful crime novelist with her book about the Milnerton Murderer. She’s logical, patient and laidback, and she has a knack for seeing what other people miss. It’s not a hunch, it’s a fact.

Who plays Madelyn in Trompoppie? Daneel van der Walt.

How old is Daneel? If we’re playing detective, she started university in 2001.

Where is she from? Sasolburg, but she now lives in Cape Town.

Where did she study? After primary school and some of high school in Sasolburg, Daneel attended Pro Arte High School in Pretoria. And she has a BA Honours in Theatre and Performance from UCT.

What else has Daneel van der Walt been in? Fleur du Cap Theatre Award winning actress (as Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Daneel was Anna, the lesbian mechanic and giver of ducks in Recipes for Love and Murder, Suzette Claase in drama series Nêrens, Noord-Kaap, and Bianca in business drama Fraksie.

Is Daneel van der Walt married? No.

What else to know? She claimed to want to be an optometrist growing up, but what she really wanted was to be like David Kramer in the Volkswagen ad. 

Frank Opperman as Harry Herselman

Frank Opperman in Trompoppie

Irritable, cynical senior police detective Harry is counting down the days to retirement, but partnering with Madelyn reawakens his zest for detective work, and romance…to the bemusement of his young work partner, Dawie.

Who plays Harry in Trompoppie? Frank Opperman.

How old is he? 63 (but this might change).

Where is he from: Frank was born in Johannesburg but went to school in Worcester, Benoni, Hermanus, Middelburg and Pretoria.

Where did he study? After dropping out of studying law, Frank earned a three-year national diploma in acting at the Pretoria Technikon, where he won the Pretoria Trust Award for best student.

What else has Frank Opperman been in? He’s best known as Ouboet of Ouboet & Wors. Frank won the 2022 Best Supporting Actor SAFTA for his role in airline comedy series G.I.L, and showed more of his range as Lourens in Nêrens, Noord-Kaap, and in his heartfelt performance in Dominee Tienie

Is Frank married? Frank has been in a relationship with Esmarie Meyer since 2004 and their daughter Ena was born in 2006. 

What else to know? Frank is the father of actor-director Frankie Opperman (Johan de Jager in Donkerland) with his first wife, actress Susan Coetzer (Ma Combrink in In die Middel van Nêrens). He once released a rock music album titled Serial Boyfriend, and he was on Dancing with the Stars once. He did not win the trophy, but he won everyone’s hearts.

Braeden Buys as Dawie Daniels

Braeden Buys and Frank Opperman in Trompoppie
From left: Braeden Buys and Frank Opperman in Trompoppie

This wide-eyed, wet behind the ears rookie is in for an education when he joins the investigation. But he turns his optimism and open-mindedness into an asset, especially in contrast to Harry’s plodding cynicism. And he is always determined to be the best he can be.

Who plays Dawie in Trompoppie? Braeden Buys.

How old is Braeden? 24.

Where is he from: Kraaifontein in Cape Town. 

Where did he study? At Bernadino Heights secondary school in Kraaifontein, and the Stage Performing Arts Studio in Bellville, where he won a R50 000 scholarship from the Community Chest of the Western Cape.

What else has Braeden been in? He plays the car-obsessed Trevor in the new Showmax Original series Spinners. 

Is Braeden married? Shame no, he’s young still. 

What else to know? He’s a trained dancer and choreographer and if you’re a fan of the Honey movies, you might be able to spot him in the background in Honey 3. Beaden won an Industry Award at the 2017 World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. 

Melissa Myburgh as Luna Verwey

Melissa Myburgh as Luna in Trompoppie

Luna comes from a relatively humble background but thanks to her skill in gymnastics, she has the athletic flair that the trompoppies are looking for, so the Peterson family offer to take her under their wing as one of the team. Luna might seem like a delicate flower, but she has a spine of steel and ambition to match. 

Who plays Luna in Trompoppie? Melissa Myburgh.

How old is Melissa Myburgh? She matriculated in 2016, so that old.

Where is she from? Bellville in Cape Town.

Where did she study? DF Malan High School, and then she earned a BA Honours in Drama (acting) at Stellenbosch University – where Stian Bam was one of her acting teachers.

What else has Melissa Myburgh been in? Lovers of local teen drama will recognise Melissa as the 16-year-old Mart Vermaak, the heroine of kykNET drama series Dinge van ‘n Kind, Mika Brink, the young artist in Kompleks, and as Bianca in the movie Twisted Christmas

Is Melissa married? No – not to be confused with Proteas netball star Melissa Myburgh, who’s now Melissa Kotze. 

What else to know? When Melissa was playing Mart in Dinge van ’n Kind, she called being a teenager again “the hardest thing on Earth” because of the emotional ups and downs, yet here she is strapping her school shoes once more! PS: Melissa is also a recognised writer and director. 

Stian Bam as Hugo Verwey

Stian Bam as Hugo Verwey in Trompoppie in Showmax

Luna’s recently widowed father has the best intentions in the world, but was clearly not the primary caregiver in the Verwey household. Nonetheless, he’s desperate to give his daughter the best start in life.

Who plays Hugo in Trompoppie? Stian Bam.

How old is Stian Bam? 46.

Where is he from? He was born in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Where did he study? Stian earned a Bachelor’s degree in drama and theatre from Stellenbosch University.

What else has Stian Bam been in? Stian won the Best Actor award at Silwerskermfees 2019 for playing Herman De Beer in the movie Racheltjie De Beer. Crime drama fans will remember him as Detective Wolf in the Showmax Original series Donkerbos, and as officer Andre Fourie in Die Boland Moorde. Stian is also Krisjan in Dinge van ‘n Kind, and Christo in Kompleks, and soapie fans will remember him as Dawid Greef in 7de Laan. 

Is Stian married? Stian has a daughter named Sofia and a son named Jannes from his marriage to jeweller Truda Serfontein. The couple divorced in 2020. Later in 2020, Stian started dating Stellenbosch University agriculture student Handré Basson, who’s now an entomologist. Facebook snooping shows them still together in May 2023.

What else to know? He enjoys painting and sketching and believes that if he hadn’t become an actor, he would have enjoyed being an artist.

Cantona James as Tomas du Preez

Cantona James as Tomas du Preez in Trompoppie on Showmax

The most popular girl in school is, of course, dating the most popular guy! Tomas is a star athlete with a chip on his shoulder, and a short fuse. But he goes from being king of the school to top of the suspect list when Zanne vanishes.

Who plays Tomas in Trompoppie? Cantona James.

How old is Cantona James? 25.

Where is he from: Johannesburg, but he now lives in the Cape.

Where did he study? Stellenbosch University.

What else has Cantona James been in? This is the year Cantona James put pedal to the metal as Ethan, the lead in Showmax Original series Spinners. Arendsvlei fans already knew he could own the screen as Daniel Lafras, which scored him a best newcomer nomination at the Royalty Soapie Awards in 2020. And for niche appeal, he was the star-crossed vampire lover Lorenzo in Net Ons. 

Is Cantona married? No, not yet – he’s only 25, guys.

What else to know? He won the 2020 Fleur du Cap prize for Most Promising Student, Cantona was named after the football star Eric Cantona. 

Celeste Loots as Zanne Peterson

Celeste Loots as Zanne Peterson in Trompoppie on Showmax

Zanne is the golden child between Jill and Fred’s two adopted daughters. Along with being the head of the trompoppies, 17-year-old Zanne is the most popular girl in school, and not because she’s mean. Zanne is kind, smart, and masks her determination with sunshine and rainbows. She is, on the outside, what Jill has groomed her to be – a perfect Peterson. And she’s next in line to become trompoppie captain in her Matric year. But being desperate for approval puts a target on your back.

Who plays Zanne in Trompoppie? Celeste Loots.

How old is Celeste Loots? 27.

Where is she from? Durbanville in Cape Town.

Where did she study? Celeste went to high school at Curro and earned a BA (Honours) in Theatre and Performance at UCT.

What else has Celeste Loots been in? Aside from making waves lately as Kaya the orphaned heiress in One Piece, Celeste was Lily Williams in the romantic comedy hits Home Affairs: A Christmas Tale (her debut feature) and its sequel, Home Affairs: A Love Story. And horror/thriller fans might recognise her as Daleen in the movie Kampvuur.

Is Celeste married? Noooooo.

What else to know? Her hobbies include playing guitar and hiking in Cape Town’s mountains. She maintains her privacy by not captioning her Facebook photos.

Marion Holm as Jill Peterson

Marion Holm in Trompoppie on Showmax

Image is everything for the brilliant, rich, powerful Peterson family matriarch. Jill is a former soap star who still dreams of fame as a respected actress. Until then she’s throwing herself heart and soul into the role of Mother, with helicopter parenting to the max and an iron grip on her spotless household and her daughter’s school. Her children and husband will snap into line, or else. Give mommy her Oscar. 

Who plays Jill Peterson in Trompoppie? Marion Holm.

How old is Marion Holm? She started university in 1983, so…

Where is she from? Worcester in the Western Cape. She now lives in Kraaifontein. 

Where did she study? After matriculating from De Kuilenskool in Kuilsrivier, Marion studied drama at Stellenbosch University during the mid-1980s, but only completed her BA Drama degree in 2015!

What else has Marion Holm been in? Marion was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress SAFTA for her role as Esther Graaf in Suidooster in 2022. She’s Hettie in the loadshedding drama film Beurtkrag, and Sara in Paardebloem, but she might be best known to South Africans as a stand up comedian and gifted storyteller thanks to her ongoing series of one-woman shows (15 productions and counting). She’s currently on the road with her latest one-woman show, titled Marion Holm.

Is Marion married? No, but she’s been coupled up with life partner Marietjie Rossouw for aeons.

What else to know? She’s also worked as a museum assistant, switchboard receptionist, actor’s agent, and casting director. In 2017 Marion overcame cancer and brain surgery.

Luca Human as Elke Peterson

Luca Human as Elke Peterson in Trompoppie on Showmax

Elke was the first little girl adopted by the Petersons, but she has grown up feeling as if she’s in second place all the time so she has become a jealous, manipulative schemer. The poor little rich girl has gone punk under the pressure and while she’s as intelligent as Zanne, she uses her gifts for darker pursuits (at least in her mother’s eyes). 

Who plays Elke Peterson in Trompoppie? Luca Human.

How old is  Luca Human? Around 14 years old. She was born in 2009.

Where is she from: Durbanville in Cape Town.

Where did she study? Luca is currently studying through the Curro Durbanville school.

What else has Luca Human been in? Elke is Luca’s first major TV role. 

Is Luca married? We sincerely hope not.

What else to know? Luca Human is the daughter of actress Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, best known as her (now retired) character Dowwe Dolla and as the voice of Liewe Heksie.

Albert Maritz as Fred Peterson

Albert Maritz and Marion Holm in Trompoppie
From left: Marion Holm and Albert Maritz in Trompoppie

Oh look, it’s him, Mr Jill. Fred is the source of the Peterson family’s megabucks. But he’s not as unassuming as he seems – he has a whole secret life on the side. 

Who plays Fred Peterson in Trompoppie? Albert Maritz.

How old is Albert Maritz? Around 63 years old. 

Where is he from? Bellville in Cape Town. He now lives in Melkbosstrand.

Where did he study? He has a Bachelor’s in Drama from Stellenbosch University, and a Higher Education Diploma from UNISA.

What else has Albert Maritz been in? Multi-award winning actor and director Albert has been on South African TVs since the days of Die Swart Kat and Arende. He won a Best Actor AKTV Veertjie for his role as Frans Loots in Dwaalster, and the Fleur du Cap Awards for Best Director, Best Production, and Most Popular Production for Die Rebellie van Lafras Verwe. He’s also Derik Malan in family drama series Alles Malan, Gert in comedy series Buurtwag, and Kobus in Koffie en Sigarette. And he’s currently on screen in Binnelanders as Braam. 

Is Albert married? Albert lives with his long-time love, Mariëtte.

What else to know? Albert Maritz is the son of actor Dawie Maritz (Frikkie Botha in Hoekie vir Eensames, 1986) and grew up on the stage. The legacy continues, as Albert is the father two sons, one of whom is actor Viljé Maritz (Fiesta presenter Viljé also played the sons of Albert’s characters in Vloeksteen and Donkerland). And Viljé now has a son named Albert Jr.

Armand Aucamp as Mr Hurley

Armand Aucamp in Trompoppie

The handsome trompoppie coach keeps up a respectable front, with a wife (played by Marelize Viljoen) and new baby. But with a failed sports career under his belt Mr Hurley seems to be shoring up his ego by ordering the tromoppies around and basking in all those teen girl crushes.

Who plays Mr Hurley in Trompoppie? Armand Aucamp.

How old is Armand Aucamp? 36.

Where is he from: Cape Town.

Where did he study? Armand studied acting at City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts in Cape Town, graduating in 2009.

What else has Armand Aucamp been in? One Piece fans know him as Bogard, but Armand is also Tom Niemand, star of light drama series Die Boekklub, Ivan in legal drama series Fynskrif, and Dawid in Troukoors. He’s also the older Sean in the series Kompleks and Ben Human in the musical drama series Sterloopers. And soapie fans have been on Team Armand ever since he played Jacques in Getroud Met Rugby (Seasons 3 and 4). 

Is Armand married? Armand and fellow Getroud Met Rugby actor Sean van Noordwyk – who met at an Afrikaans is Groot concert in 2018 and played a married couple in the film Foto’s Teen die Muur – got engaged in Paris on New Year’s Day, 2023.

What else to know? He’s also a bestselling cookbook author (starting with Armand’s Nude Food) and creator of the Pendoring Award-winning dating app, KOER. 

The trompoppies

Elzet Nel as Mindy Steward

Elzet Nel in Trompoppie

Mindy is captain of the squad and she keeps her trompoppies in line with ruthless savagery. Don’t tattle on her when she takes a cigarette break.

Who plays Mindy in Trompoppie? Elzet Nel.

How old is Elzet Nel? She started university in 2015, so…

Where is she from: Cape Town.

Where did she study? Elzet has a BA in Political Science from Stellenbosch University, studied Acting for film at ACT Cape Town in 2017, and has a BA in Fashion Design from Fedisa Fashion School.

What else has Elzet Nel been in? Elzet plays the old version of Killer the orphan in the film Vaselinetjie, and has a guest role as Stefanie in Projek Dina (Season 2).

Is Elzet married? Not to be creepy but she stopped posting boyfriend pics on Instagram around January 2021.

What else to know? She has a passion for fashion and was an intern writer at Cosmopolitan magazine in 2020. Elzet has been a designer and trend forecaster for The Romantic Collective since May 2022.

Zandelle Meyer as Chandré

Jane De Wet, Maite Rakabe, Elzet Nel, Zandelle Meyer and Lindzay Naidoo in Trompoppie
From left: Jane De Wet, Maite Rakabe, Elzet Nel, Zandelle Meyer and Lindzay Naidoo

When Mindy says jump, her goody two-shoes, suck-up under captain Chandré says how high? Chandré is a type-A personality stuck in the B position and as a result, she hates Mindy more than she hates Monday morning practice in winter. 

Who plays Chandré in Trompoppie? Zandelle Meyer.

How old is Zandelle Meyer? 23.

Where is she from: Potchefstroom.

Where did she study? Zandelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Drama & Theatre Studies from Stellenbosch University.

What else has Zandelle Meyer been in? She joined the cast of Binnelanders this year as Dr Henry Louw’s menace of a daughter, Riekie.

Is Zandelle married? No.

What else to know? Zandelle worked as a production assistant on The Woman King.

Lindzay Naidoo as Lanie

Lindzay Naidoo as Lanie in Trompoppie on Showmax

Poor loser Lanie is sick of being picked on by Mindy. So, fine, she’s a little clumsy, but nobody likes being used as a bad example all the time. 

Who plays Lanie in Trompoppie? Lindzay Naidoo.

How old is Lindzay Naidoo? 23.

Where is she from: Cape Town.

Where did she study? Lindzay has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting for Camera from City Varsity, and took a David Kramer Musical Theatre Masterclass. 

What else has Lindzay Naidoo been in? Lindzay joined the Arendsvlei cast this year as Lizzie Muishond.

Is Lindzay married? No, but she has hearts in her eyes for one lucky guy.

What else to know? Lindzay has worked behind the scenes as a production assistant on Suidooster since 2022.

Jane de Wet as Valerie Beukes

Jane de Wet and Maite Rakabe in Trompoppie
From left: Jane de Wet and Maite Rakabe in Trompoppie

On any given day, it’s a toss-up whether Lanie is going to drop something, or Valerie is going to cry. And Valerie has so much to cry about. Rumour has it that she bought her way onto the team, and the other girls would happily trip her if it wouldn’t ruin the formation.

Who plays Valerie in Trompoppie? Jane de Wet.

How old is Jane de Wet? 27.

Where is she from? Somerset West.

Where did she study? Jane went to Parel Vallei High School and has a Bachelor of Communications in management sciences from Stellenbosch University.

What else has Jane de Wet been in? Jane won the Silwerskermfees Most Promising Young Talent Award in 2020, along with a Best Supporting Actress SAFTA nomination, for her role as Marthella Steenkamp in Griekwastad. She was Adri van Tonder in Season 3 of thriller series Spoorloos, and popular girl Alexis “Lexi” Summerveld in Showmax Original private school drama series The Girl From St Agnes. She also played Alice Band in the Terry Pratchett fantasy series The Watch.

Is she married? No.

What else to know? She knows the trompoppie kind of life well since she was a dancer for DHL Stormers and at the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2018.

Maite Rakabe as Tracy

Maite Rakabe as Tracy in Trompoppie on Showmax

Excuse you? Why are you talking to me? Tracy’s daddy could buy all the other daddies at Deacon College (aside from Fred, maybe) with his spare change. 

Who plays Tracy in Trompoppie? Maite Rakabe.

How old is Maite Rakabe? She matriculated in 2017.

Where is she from? Maite was born in Limpopo and grew up in Limpopo and Johannesburg.

Where did she study? Maite went from the Curro Heuwelkruin school in Myngenoegen, then studied TV Presenting and Stage and Screen acting at AFDA, earning a BA.

What else has Maite been in? She was a voice artist on The Story Animal.

Is Maite married? No.

What else to know? Maite was a stunt performer on The Woman King, and keep an eye out for her in another production coming to Showmax soon. 

Stream Trompoppie on Showmax, with new episodes every Thursday starting 7 December.

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