Meet the writers behind Showmax’s AMVCA-nominated series, Wura

3 May 2024

Meet the writers behind Showmax’s AMVCA-nominated series, Wura

Wura, the gripping action thriller led by the enigmatic Wura-Amoo Adeleke (Scarlet Gomez), is taking us through a riveting journey whose path is riddled with power tussles, unexpected betrayals, and avenues of redemption.

Building on the success of the first season, Wura has continued to capture the hearts of audiences and garner acclaim. It comes as no surprise that the second season is poised to clinch two awards at the upcoming 10th AMVCA ceremony, specifically in the categories of Best Writing TV Series and Best Scripted Series. 

Behind all the intrigue, twists, turns, and scandalous moments is the hard work and artistry of scripts and storytelling, crafted by the writers who ensure viewers are hooked from start to finish. 

Here are three exceptional writers who have contributed their talents to the captivating Wura, helping the series to earn nominations at the prestigious AMVCAs. 

Musa Jeffery David 

Wura writer Musa Jeffery David

Musa Jeffery David is the head writer of the series. A seasoned screenwriter with a knack for blending artistry with commercial appeal, David has a decade of experience in the film and TV industry. 

Before Wura, David’s talent had earned him nominations in the AMVCA Best Writer in a Movie for Kanaani in 2023, and is a recipient of the Homevida Award for the best short script for Life in a Day. 

He has also contributed to several notable projects as a head writer. His writing credits include Refuge, Chronicles, and more recently, Glasshouse currently showing on Africa Magic. Additionally, he has contributed as writer/ co-writer in the following projects: Blood Vessel, Hijack 93, and Lockdown.

David’s work on Wura showcases his skill in crafting compelling stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats, and he’s writing his way into the top echelons of the creative industry, one story at a time.

Olumide Kuti

Olumide Kuti, writer for Wura S2 on Showmax

Born and bred in Lagos, Olumide Kuti is an award-winning writer with a decade of writing experience. Kuti had his TV break as the head writer for the TV series Borokini; a 120-episode series that ran for two seasons on Africa Magic. From there, he has created and written on shows such as the popular Africa Magic series The Johnsons, as well as Inside Life, Onaiwu, With Love from Death, The Devil’s Selfie and Inyewe. 

He says his writing is characterised by “wittiness, stylized banter, vivid descriptions, a kick against a social norm, and references to people in our everyday lives.”

Kuti’s journey from poet to TV writer is a testament to his passion and determination. As one of the writers on Wura, he infuses each episode with his unique flair, keeping audiences hooked with every twist and turn.

When Kuti is not writing, he is offering his service for free to tutor university and secondary school students. He shares “everything I have learned about how to masterfully craft stories that resonate deeply, tug at heartstrings, and push the boundaries of imagination,” he says. 

Esther Oyiza Kokori

Esther Oyiza Kokori, writer for Wura on Showmax

Esther Oyiza Kokori’s journey into the realm of storytelling is nothing short of inspirational. From penning short stories in her teenage years to becoming a renowned figure in Nigeria’s film industry, Kokori’s dedication to her craft shines through in every project she undertakes.

Despite facing opposition, she pursued her passion and honed her skills at a film school in Lagos. The breakthrough came with her role in the television series Battleground, produced by Africa Magic. This catapulted her into the limelight. Since then, Kokori has showcased her versatility by delving into various forms of storytelling, from television series to feature films, podcasts, documentaries, reality shows, and beyond.

For Kokori, writing is not just a profession; it’s a calling – an exhilarating experience that fuels her creativity with each new project. Of her writing, she says: “My narrative approach centres on the intricate interplay of plot and character development, believing that the essence of any compelling story lies in the authenticity of its characters and their emotional depth.”

Wura stands as a testament to Kokori’s talent and dedication, earning her well-deserved recognition in the form of nominations and accolades. Her touch of “inviting audiences into worlds crafted by imagination and grounded in human truth has no doubt been instrumental in shaping the series into a compelling drama that captivates viewers week after week.

As we celebrate these remarkable writers, and fans gear up for the milestone edition of the AMVCA on 11 May 2024, its worth noting that Wura S2 is still streaming exclusively on Showmax.

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