Mercy & Ike S1
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4 May 2020

Mercy & Ike S1

Fresh from Africa Magic Showcase, with episodes coming straight Showmax after they air on Sundays, comes Mercy & Ike, the hottest reality show Naija has ever seen!

Follow the love life of Mercy Eke, the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 4, and Ike Onyema, her fellow housemate, who began a relationship during their time in the Big Brother house.

When Mercy scooped the win, we knew she’d live a life worth watching. That’s exactly what this reality TV series all about: a peek behind the curtain of Mercy and Ike’s lives and their relationship.

Their unlikely bond makes for a great love story as they continue to entertain us with their pranks and affection for each other.

Here’s five solid reasons to tune in:

1. It’s a first of its kind

We’ve seen winners come, and we’ve seen winners go, but Mercy took her winning attitude back to the street and kept the highlights rolling. You loved her in the House and you’re loving her even more now that she’s out killing it!

2. She won the money; let’s see how she spends it

Since walking out of the Pepper dem compound, Mercy scooped a train of good deals (We haven’t seen contracts sha, but e be like say!) and has mastered the art of making that extra dollar. So?! We might as well see her spend it!

3. It’s a “realness” game

Mercy was Mercy and is Mercy and will remain Mercy. Basically, what you see is what you get. You’ll get to watch her expressing herself like only she can!

4. We all love love

It doesn’t matter how many ups or downs, we all love a good love story! Mercy and Ike are not a fairytale romance, but their relationship has all the things we love, and the ones we love to hate!

5. Lockdown

Of course, last but certainly not least: reality TV is a guilty pleasure. Mercy and Ike are serving it hot and more!

We have plenty more reasons to tell you, but then we might reveal too much, too soon. Make sure you visit Showmax on Sundays, straight after the latest episode of Mercy & Ike airs on Africa Magic Showcase.

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