Mercy and Ike: A timeline of their love

24 April 2020

Mercy and Ike: A timeline of their love

The Big Brother Naija show is known for drama, fights and sometimes nudity, but like fellow Africa Magic reality show, Ultimate Love, it can also be a hub for love. The reality series from Africa Magic has produced high-profile couples like Teddy A and Bam Bam (married), Gedoni and Khafi (engaged), and now, Mercy and Ike.

#MerIke may not be heading for marriage anytime soon, but they have an new reality show that gives viewers a look inside their relationship. The show airs on Africa Magic on Sunday nights, with episodes coming to Showmax straight afterwards. Here are some of the biggest moments in Mercy and Ike’s beautiful but sometimes tumultuous relationship.

Mercy’s big reveal

10 July 2019 – A few days into the contestants’ stay in the Big Brother House, Mercy revealed to Biggie that she has a crush on a housemate. “Yes, Ike, but I want to slow it down for now because I’ve been through a lot in my past relationships,” she replied Biggie when he asked if she has an interest in any of the contestants. “He is one guy I’ll love to be with after the house.”

The first kiss

12 July 2019 – After publicly committing to each other, Mercy and Ike shared a kiss while in bed, officially announcing themselves as the first couple of the BB Naija Pepper Dem edition.

Ike told her he would love to be with her after the show, and she replied, “I want to be with you too. If you leave here, I will become like Ceec. I don’t want you to leave. I want us to be here together.”

Love triangle with Ella

14 July 2019 – Apparently, Ike had told fellow housemate Ella about his feelings for Mercy, but that didn’t stop Ella from wanting him. Even after he sealed his relationship with Mercy with a kiss, Ella did not stay away.

A declaration of forever

24 July 2019 – During a sit-down with the lovebirds, housemate Diane asked Ike if he would still be with Mercy after the show. He replied, “I can see myself with Mercy forever.” Mercy chimed in: “I will still be with Ike regardless of what happens.”

Ike fights Seyi over Mercy

4 August 2019 – Ike showed his protective side when he came close to blows with Seyi over Mercy. But as gentlemen, both men reconciled shortly after the incident.

Power couple on the cover of a magazine

13 November 2019 – The couple, still going strong after leaving the house, adorned the cover of the November issue of MediaRoom Hub, where they talked about their relationship and life after the Big Brother House. “Ever since I left the house, I learned to be more patient, to respect people’s space,” Mercy says during the interview.

Public break-up

December 2019 – These days, celebrities announce their breakup by unfollowing each other on Instagram, and when #MerIke did that, we knew there was trouble in paradise. Many say the breakup happened because Ike flirted with Mercy’s eternal rival, Tacha, and he didn’t help matters by posting a picture of her on his Instagram Story, only to delete it afterwards.

Public make-up

11 February 2020 – Ike makes an appearance at Mercy’s housewarming party, and the couple publicly re-announced their relationship while informing their fans they would be keeping their relationship off social media. And they stayed quiet until the announcement of their show, Mercy & Ike.

Mercy & Ike: The Show

April 2020 – The show promises an exclusive peek into the Mercy-Ike relationship, the glitz and glamour the public see and the tears and fight behind the curtains. Watch Mercy and Ike on Africa Magic Showcase on Sunday nights. Episodes come express to Showmax straight afterwards.

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