Mercy and Ike: “I’m hurting, and he is also hurting”

25 May 2020

Mercy and Ike: “I’m hurting, and he is also hurting”

How much can this couple take? In the latest episode of Mercy & Ike, now streaming on Showmax, we see their problems hit a peak.

Since that controversial picture from Mercy’s London trip, the couple’s life has become a national discussion, and the noise from outside and within is pulling them apart. Family members are involved (Ike’s cousin told him to dump Mercy); fans – unknown strangers – who feel a part of the relationship are picking sides. Even the couple themselves seem to be moving in different directions. The only thing they share is hurt.

“I’m hurting and he is also hurting,” Mercy says, holding back tears. “But I can’t show my weakness on social media because they always use it against you.”

Mercy turns to her friends for advice and they all want her to leave the relationship. One said Ike is manipulative, and another says he doesn’t love her but is sticking around for the money: “Mercy, a man who loves you will never give anybody the right to talk about you.”

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Mercy acknowledges the harsh comments come from a place of love. She knows her girls just want her to be happy. But she still loves Ike.

Will she ignore their advice and stick with him? To find out, catch the next episode of Mercy & Ike on Showmax next Sunday, straight after it airs on Africa Magic Showcase.

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