Mercy and Ike: “This guy is stressing me!”

22 June 2020

Mercy and Ike: “This guy is stressing me!”

Mercy Lambo knows how to address her haters and critics, and on this week’s episode of Mercy and Ike, now showing on Showmax, she has a few things to say to those who talk about her butt implant. “I think their problem is ignorance,” she says. “They don’t even know the difference between silicone and liposuction. It doesn’t get to me because I’m still going to enhance my body if I want to.”

How did we get here?

Mercy wakes up beside her friend from Abuja, Sasha. Sasha complains about her tiny lips, and Mercy suggests she gets lip fillers. The two discuss body enhancement procedures that are trendy. Nigeria has a well-documented stigma about cosmetic surgery, and despite the rise of professional plastic surgeons like Dr Laser, many people still feel apprehensive about it. Mercy wants women to embrace getting the best possible body as long as it is safe.

Ike, meanwhile, is focused on expanding his businesses. He visits one of his partners, and they discuss their growth and updates, including securing a trademark for their brand name. He later expands more on his newfound love for photography and the progress he’s making in that area. “Everyone thinks photography is easy,” he says. “But it is about angles, techniques, looks and sometimes a little luck.”

In the last two episodes, Mercy and Ike were a more loving couple. They enjoyed private and public dates, talking about marriage and staying away from social media drama.

But trouble is back in paradise

Our star couple clearly can’t stay away from drama. Like the last time, it has to do with someone going to London, disrespect and trust issues.

“This guy is stressing me,” Mercy complains bitterly to her sister, Promise. “A South African lady who has a baby took him to London, and he’s been there with her. People won’t say anything; they are hailing him. The same place I went to that I was crucified.”

So more drama! This time around, family and friends are involved. Will this be their breaking point? Find out on new episodes of Mercy and Ike on Showmax every Sunday straight after they air on Africa Magic Showcase.

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