Mercy and Ike: “I think we need to bond more”

17 June 2020

Mercy and Ike: “I think we need to bond more”

In the latest episodes of Mercy and Ike, now streaming on Showmax, there is plenty of bonding time. The episode opens with Mercy asking her sister to join her for a jog, but Promise is having a lazy morning. So Mercy decides to join her boo Ike for a gym session with his personal trainer, a session Ike thoroughly enjoyed.

Ike tells Mercy: “I think we need to bond more; we haven’t worked out together since the Big Brother House.”

The couple has made significant progress in their relationship since the messy fight that was heightened by social media drama. They’ve been spending more time together and later in the episode, they have a photoshoot, and Ike is loving all this quality time. “I think we have to do this more often,” he says.

However, the couple isn’t the only one bonding. Mercy and Promise get some girls’ time in the pool. They discussed her outfit for the upcoming AMVCA and the new Best Dressed category, which Mercy wants to win.

“This is the first time they are having the Best Dressed for the show to win an award, and I want to win,” she tells Promise. She calls her stylist Swanky and the two banter over the ceremony and her dress, but before that, she dealt with Promise’s now irritating marriage talks.

Later Mercy meets with another stylist who wants to help her create a corporate image; then, her boyfriend shows her his photography skills. It is an episode free of the usual drama and toxicity in their relationship. Here, they are lovers enjoying each other’s company.

Catch new episodes of Mercy and Ike on Showmax every Sunday night straight after they air on Africa Magic.

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