Mercy and Mapelo call a truce

22 June 2020

Mercy and Mapelo call a truce

Who knew that a little disagreement would cause so much drama? So, after their misunderstanding about luggage last week, Mercy and Mapelo decided to talk things through.

The in-laws, who were on a girls’ getaway together, spoke about how the disagreement made them feel. “When we have a problem and we’re sitting down and sorting it out, we have to unpack it so that everyone can express how the whole thing made them feel,” Mapelo said, adding that she tried to reach out to Mercy.

“And then you shut me out like that, it says a lot of things about you. I don’t understand the type of person you are when it comes to being considerate about what a person feels like when you are angry.”

Mapelo also told Mercy that she tends to say a lot of things out of anger and that she’s not sure if she means them or not. She also pointed out how in one instance, Mercy was only concerned about her best friend, Chandra.

In her defence, Mercy said: “I will always have my girl’s back no matter what because I come from a very far place with Chandra.” She did, however, admit that she was in the wrong and took full responsibility for how she acted.

“I’m feeling very, very bad and for me, for what I’ve done, what I’ve contributed over the past few days. The last thing I wanted was for us to be where we are.”

She said she’d like for everyone to move forward from what happened and hopes that they can accept her apology. “I’m also hoping that they can forgive me the same way someone would forgive them if they had done something similar,” Mercy shared.

Well, it looks like all has been forgiven. Mapelo made it clear that family comes first. “I’d rather stop everything and make sure that our family relation is healthy, we have sorted everything out.”

We’re happy that these two buried the hatchet. We can’t imagine how Madam would feel if her daughter and her sister-in-law didn’t get along. Now that would make things super awkward.

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